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Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones are chemical messengers that are produced by specialized cells in the body. Although there are many characteristics of hormones, the most widely acknowledged one is that once they are produced by the specialized cells, they are shed in blood and they are transported to where they are needed, where...

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From Diagnosis to Therapy

Psychologists use classification systems to diagnose mental disorders.   But these systems have also come under criticism.   The most popular classification system is the DSM-IV. It contains over 250 disorders in 17 of the following categories: Adjustment Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, Delirium, Dementia, and Amnestic and Other Cognitive Disorders, Disorders...

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Bacteriophage Therapy

There seems to be no good reason to explain why we use antibiotics rather than bacteriophage therapy in order to treat bacterial infections. Further, given the strains of antibiotic resistant bacteria that are contaminating hospitals and other areas, it isn’t clear why this therapy is not already being used in...

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Effectiveness of Treatment

One of the batterer programs is the couples’ group treatment. Couples group treatment is effective because it helps bring together couples where the wife or the husband is not fearful of their partner. The focus of couples’ group therapy is to deal with the problem that caused the marital violence...

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Ethics in Treatment

One ethical and legal issue that can arise during treatment for domestic violence victims is that the treatment may fail to realize who initiated the violence (Kimmel, 2002). This could occur in cases where the perpetrator of the violence could have overpowered the initiator of the violence. In such cases,...

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Diagnosing and Treating Skin Wounds

The skin is the largest organ in the body, taking 15% of the body weight. One’s physical and emotional health can be ascertained by just looking at his/her skin (Eming, Martin, & Tomic-Canic, 2014). As we age, our skin undergoes a lot of changes. These changes compromise the health of...

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Cultural Influences in Diagnoses and Mental Health Treatment

The fact that the notion of mental health and mental disorders is socially constructed is supported by cross-cultural studies that demonstrate that the very same behaviors might be perceived as the norm in one culture and deviation in another. Apart from cultural differences in the understanding of disorders, an effective...

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Treatment Planning

Introduction Jessica Smith, a 13-year old biracial girl who identifies as a sexual minority, has been having trouble with maintaining her grades at school, causing trouble at school, and running away from home. Jessica has had a very limited history of acting out in the manners which had just been...

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Epilepsy Treatments

Explanation There are a number of different ways that medical professionals help people with epilepsy. The most common means of treatment is through the procurement of drugs. People use drugs to control the symptoms of epilepsy, and over the short term, to stop seizures while they are happening. Some individuals...

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Trauma Cases

The Case of Sue Sue, as a distraught parent, has experienced a number of disturbing episodes and painful encounters in her life in the recent past. She might be tempted to believe that the happenings around her are her fault. However, the reality of the matter is that the decisions...

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New Treatment for Discontinued Operations

The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) issued the Accounting Standards Update (ASU) 2014-08 to revise the treatment of discontinued operations. The update also obligates entities to issue further disclosures regarding disposal transactions that fail to meet the criteria of discontinued operations. It also makes alterations in the scope, presentation requirements,...

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Smoking Cessation Treatments

One of the central concerns of health promotion is motivating smokers to quit because this addiction poses significant threats to the health and life of an individual. All the cessation treatment that presently exist can be subdivided into two large groups: behavioral and medication smoking-cessation treatments (Shiffman, Brockwell, Pillitteri, &...

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DARA Thailand Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center

Dara Rehab is the first habit rehabilitation facility in South East Asia and is Asia’s premier International endpoint for addiction behavior treatment. The organization is the most renowned drug and alcohol rehabilitative center in Thailand. Dara rehab believes in two perspectives; firstly, the organization conforms to the idea that each...

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Assisted Recovery & Treatment

The article “From recreation to functional drug use: the evolution of drugs in American higher education, 1960-2014” authored by Ross D. Aikins, provides vital insight on the untamed drug usage in the United States higher education platforms. Aikins posits that the usage of cognitive-enhancement drugs in the United States higher...

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Research Investigating The Effects Of LSD, Either As Treatment Or Recreational Drugs Use

Since its emergence as a “popular” hallucinogen in the late 1930s (Liester, 2014, p. 146), lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) has been alternately viewed as a dangerous, recreational substance and a medically sound means of treating a range of illnesses. Ironically, in fact, LSD is most widely used in clinical settings...

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TB Treatment Speech

The treatment regimen for tuberculosis (TB) can take from six months to two years in order to fully treat the disease. Therefore, appropriate are at the hospital is crucial. As an individual confirms a diagnostic with an active TB, he or she will then get transferred to the department of...

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Assessment Treatment for Elderly

Treatment of the elderly refers to a set of multidisciplinary and multidimensional diagnostic instruments explicitly formulated to retrieve vital elderly’ information pertaining their medical, psychological and functional capabilities. The information obtained is instrumental as it facilitates the development of long-term follow up and treatment plans for elderly. Noteworthy, assessment treatment...

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Medical Insurance Coding

Incorporating technology within the healthcare system has many beneficial outcomes that contributed positively to improve healthcare settings. The medical insurance coding involves the integration of information science and medical science to employ healthcare professional’s knowledge in an efficient manner. The use of medical insurance coding has been widely used due...

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Three Month Treatment Plan of Twelve Year Old Girl

There is an epidemic in this nation regarding obesity and the overall health of the people living here. This is specifically true of children who are given leeway in choosing what they eat when they want to eat it. According to Hoelscher et al (2013), there is a dangerous epidemic...

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Percocet drug

With the rise of modern science, the sets of beliefs an average American adheres to in his/her everyday’s life have changed dramatically; notably, the past decades have seen a significant shift of focus by the nation to a more flexible view on the use of drugs. To date, prescription of...

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