Cancer is a disease which body cells grow abnormally and spread to other tissues in one’s body. The signs and symptoms of cancer include weight loss, coughing and bleeding. The major cause of cancer is tobacco. It accounts for 22% of the cancer cases in Meriden. Other causes of cancer include poor diet, obesity, unhealthy lifestyle and too much consumption of alcoholic drinks. There are many types of cancer which includes breast cancer, prostate cancer which affects the male reproductive system and throat cancer. Majority of the people who suffer from cancer do not survive for more than 5 years. Cancer has a major impact on society in Meriden and the US at large.The minister for health in the federal government is best positioned to handle the cancer menace through the following ways. Cancer is a lifestyle disease which can be countered by making laws. Through the federal, the ministry of health should formulate laws to increase taxes on tobacco so that it becomes more expensive. Moreover, some cancers can be prevented by vaccinations against hepatitis B virus and human papilloma virus. The ministry should carry out extensive vaccination to prevent such types of cancers. The ministry is also responsible for carrying out research in diseases such as cancer, their detection and treatments. Cancer is the second deadliest disease in the US after heart attack and the objective of the healthy 2020 is to minimize its effects through screening tests. Also, the ministry of health should foster effective communication between clinicians and patients to promote correct decision making on the right medical decision to undertake.
Health information is extremely important in one’s life s it enables one to make important health decisions. It’s more than just health professional teaching as it also focuses on patients’ knowledge ability on their health being. The ministry should work with the primary care trustees to pass useful information. Educating adults is also an important health promotion tool as the community lacks health advocates. Communities lack health projects because of this. The ministry should also encourage adult health education is the key in health promotion as this is what the community lacks. Also, encouraging health projects in the community will improve the community’s general health being. Thirdly, educating the community on measures to undertake to prevent outbreak of diseases is an important health promotion tool.

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