One can find different interpretations of true religion, depending on the way of looking at it. In the secular sense, it corresponds to finding the essence of God, regardless of church and denomination along with the search for salvation. However, while referring the concept of True Jeans onto the market perception, there is a different connotation that goes along with the political landscape and challenges of that time. Herewith, I am referring to the “True Religion Jeans” and what’s behind there. In 2002, the company was recognised as the largest seller of premium denim products in the United States. At that time, the company finally reached a point of making a significant profit after being present at the market for over ten years. Initially, when the company entered the market, it did not face the success because of the strong competitiveness with the other denim producers. Moreover, another drawback may be defined as the lack of the business product that would differ significantly from the other similar premium jeans. Thus, the decade of struggle that the company faced may be certainly linked to rethinking the retail strategy, the need for coherence and the overall necessity to illustrate a specific position that would be different from other actors present in the market. Ultimately, after 2012 long after the first debut of the company, True Religion retail store generated over 25 % of operating profit, which is certainly a positive highlight of activities that the company undertook. Moreover, a decade after the debut, the company managed to take care of corporate expenses and turn them into the market benefits. Ultimately, it had a positive effect on the company’s market as such. Thus, despite the internal constraints and issues with the market design, the company managed to enter the premium market (not the mass market) and make a sufficient profit.
In that regard, the role of the brand and name shall not be underestimated, as it is quite catchy. As mention in the paragraph above, the role of the religion is to seek the truth, the name of the brand indicates the necessity to seek essentially well-modeled jeans. Thus, choosing the catchy name was the right choice for the company as they ultimately managed to become competitive players (True Religion) .
Indeed, case one and case two present an exceptional information for studying market activities by the True Jeans Company. While looking at its activities over the years, certain improvements may be noted almost immediately. With that in mind, the case one describes the role of challenges in the Regain of Congregation whereas case two tells about practical implications of these aspects. However, both cases illustrate that with the rethinking of the business model and with the better assessment of business climate as such, the company managed to overcome the given obstacles in a viable way. Thus, one shall certainly mention the positive role of regaining of the congregation in the overall landscape of market specifics of the company and its operational activities in the larger extent. Therefore, without a doubt, the role of the regain of Congregation was essential for getting back into the market. (Neinanmarcus).

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