Corey Lewandoski who is Donald Trump’s campaign manager was on Tuesday charged with battery. The charges are for an incident that occurred earlier this month whereby he’s alleged to have grabbed a reporter, Michelle Fields during a campaign event. Lewandoski presented himself to the police in Jupiter, Florida on Tuesday where he was charged with misdemeanor battery. However, both Trump and Lewandoski denied the charge and Lewandoski denied calling Field “delusional.” However, Fields presented a photographic evidence of her arm with serial finger-shaped bruises. In addition to that, a video footage was released showing Lewandoski roughly handling and pushing Field during the campaign event on Tuesday.

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According to the evidence from the video footage, Lewandoski seemed to have lied when he questioned Fields credibility and accused her of seeking attention. Moreover, Trump has also popularized himself through vicious attacks on journalists such as Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos. Immediately after the incident, Michelle Fields resigned from Breitbart and accused the media outlet for publicly failing to stand with her after the incident. In the case, Lewandoski is represented by two lawyers and one of them, Kendall Coffey, formerly worked as a US attorney before his resignation in 1996 on accusations of biting a stripper in Miami.

Although Trump has in the past pledged to pay legal fee for his unruly supporters, it is still unclear if he will pay for Lewandoski’s charges. However, Trump has declined to fire Lewandoski even though he has been vocal in advocating for other people with such incidents to be fired. On top of that, Trump’s campaign spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson, has reiterated that Lewandoski has their support and that he won’t lose the job even if convicted of battery charges. According to Katrina, Lewandoski plays a fundamental part in Trump’s campaign and they will support him until the end of the charges. As a result of this incident, many people view Trump as a double-speaker who lacks leadership skills.