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Fear: Trump in the White House

Bob Woodward’s (2018) book Fear: Trump in the White House is a scathing examination of the methods used by the current President of the United States in managing the people who work for him and the office of the Presidency itself. The book, comprised of a series of details obtained...

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Donald Trump and Hate Crimes

Donald Trump is one of the most outspoken American presidents in history. Trump has a set a record of being active on both mainstream and social media. He has been a subject of many controversial commentaries. However, Trump has been on the frontline of promoting peace and speaking against hate...

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Article Analysis: Economic Promises of the Trump Team

The presidential election is undoubtedly the most significant event that has happened in the United States of America in the past month. Furthermore, the election result will have a significant impact on the global economy, as the U.S. is one of the world’s largest economies. Neil Irwin, in his The...

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Trump’s New Tax Proposal Versus the Current Tax System

In just nine pages, President Trump has contained the crux of his new tax proposal. These nine pages include information on tax reform that indicate the possibility of several things: a reduction of the number of federal tax brackets from seven to three (Lyons Cole); a reduction in the number...

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Twitter presentation – Trump

Trump’s Executive OrderOn the National Day of Prayer May 4, 2017, President Trump signed the Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty. The Presidential Executive Order on Promoting Free Speech and Religious Liberty adheres to the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America. By signing...

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