The popularity among Trump supporters of wearing the “Make America Great Again (MAGA)” hat should be something that is met with concern by this country’s true patriots. There is nothing inherently wrong with the idea of making America great. What is wrong is how Trump proposes doing so. His racist, sexist, and blatantly bigoted policies show that he has a radically different view on what can be considered “great” than do the majority of American citizens.

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As a citizenry made up of immigrants in a country that was arguably originally made great with the hard work of immigrants, Trump’s anti-immigration stance and attitude can be considered nothing less that abhorrent. His continued insistence on building a wall that will more concretely show the racism of his administration can be looked on as nothing less than pure egotism and idiocy; not only would a wall such as he suggests cost billions of dollars that could better be spent in other areas, but protestors have already shown that a wall would be ineffective in stopping the tide of illegal immigrants to this country. In fact, a wall such as Trump proposed would serve as little more than a monument to his ineffectual and racist method of running this country.

MAGA hats are for sale in stores and online all over the country and are worn by Trump supporters that have been swayed by his racist and radical views. What Trump supporters lack in common sense they tend to more than make up in senseless sheep-like fervor in following every new and ridiculous thing their leader has to say. From wearing the MAGA hat it is a small leap to actually spouting Trump’s ridiculous non-information about the problems of immigration and how best to stop them. The MAGA hat is the new white hood; it represents nothing so much as hatred and intolerance and should be boycotted by any thinking person.