The proposed product is one which creates conventionalism and ease in yet one more aspect of life. Working in the kitchen is often times tedious, and stressful. The tool we are proposing to market is the tuna can opener. The unique design not only offers simplicity, but ease in that it will allow an individual little effort in opening tuna cans using this tool. The versatility of the tuna can opener allows not only professional cooks and other culinary professionals to readily use it, it also allows women, men, and children of all ages to easily pull this tool out of the drawer and use it whenever they would like. The lack of batteries, cords, and sharp edges further allows this tool to be kept anywhere in the kitchen with easy access and little to no maintenance costs associated.The primary use of the “open up” tuna can opener is to do exactly what its name entails, which is to open cans of tuna. By promoting a can opener that not only opens a can of food, but specifically a can of food that is tied to healthy eating, we are also promoting eating healthy, which has been a growing trend most recently. “Family meals are positively associated with increased consumption of fruits and vegetables and numerous nutrients, promoting good eating habits and disease prevention” (Jones, S. 2014.pp 1552). This is why one market that will be targeted are women age 18-60. Although times are rapidly changing, the women in the households typically are the individuals preparing the family males.
Another market which will be targeted are the culinary specialists, who may range from prep cooks to chefs. Housekeepers will also be targeted as primary markets for the product. Whenever anyone opens a can of tuna, we want them to choose our opener. Whenever individuals wish to buy a wedding or house warming gift, or potentially any gift, we would like them to consider purchasing our can opener. The distinct simplicity of the can opener will attract customers in and of itself. The firm handle will be easy to grasp regardless of who is attempting
to grip it. The safety features will prevent any potential pinches or cuts. The strength of the can opener could potentially open other items as well, but we will explore these possibilities at a later date.
The market for kitchen tools is very diverse in that there are many tools available for a variety of needs. “It’s hard to wade through all the wildly unnecessary products out there, but shopping for the essentials is an imperative process for anyone building their own culinary arsenal — no matter how basic their aspirations be” (Wall st. cheat sheet, 2014). The idea behind the tuna can opener is not to further complicate the kitchen, but instead to make it easier. The goal behind the branding and marketing is simplicity. This goal is behind the design and utilization of the product as well. Consumers want products that do not need instructions. They want products that save time, energy, and money as well. The tuna can opener does all of these.
The market segments most affected by the tuna can opener will be the kitchen tools market, the cooking utensils market, and the industrial kitchen supplies markets. There are many kitchen supply chains which will be affected by the entry of a new tool onto the market. The kitchen aid market and the cooking utensils market will likely be affected in the same way. If the tuna can opener becomes as large a success as anticipated the three markets mentioned will likely experience a loss.

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