Mukherjee in the context “Two ways to belong in America” uses mongrelization in a symbolism form to explain how the setting of the American society has changed the beliefs that she has grown up with from her home country India. The different cultural setting has made up her mind follow a different path in clinging to the essence of inter-racial mingling. Explaining how he has been able to change from the saris they wore initially to t-shirts and jeans, Mukherjee wants to indicate how their minds have been changed to believing that the American culture is better than the culture they were introduced to by their parents.

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Living in a cultural setting that one is not accepted can be the most traumatizing episode in life. By changing their identity to choose the American setting, they agree to change all their lifestyles in order to be accepted by the community. Losing what one believes in so as to be accepted in a different setting just because the laws put into place do not accept their presence is the greatest transformation in life that one can pass through. It, therefore, takes much of a step and a decision to accept the change. However, maintaining one’s identity does not require any transformative change and so at no point will they live in the dilemma of making a decision on what setting to follow. However, they need to endure the harsh conditions that may arise against them.

Mukherjee explanation of the Indian culture is not to her best enjoyment. Standing on different grounds with her sister Mira who finds it possible for her to move back to India after she retires, means that she has no probable means of getting back to her original country. She has nothing to remember about in India, and that is why she has to forget her roots and accept the Canadian culture that she has been married to. However, she feels the emptiness of being in a new culture although it is the culture she chooses to be in throughout her life.

In the context “white trash primer”, Johnson explains about a young lady who gets used throughout her life as she tries to find her way to success and make her relatives happy. The young woman finds herself as just some white trash after she is forced to carry out some part-time work to supplement her studies since her parents could not support their needs fully. The woman is forced to have sex with different men who tend to buy her shopping.Johnson uses the title Primer to indicate the introduction that the woman goes through for her to end up succeeding in life. It explains how there the young woman is introduced to surviving in life helping her to acquire the senses of getting her back to her real nature of a changed girl.
Johnson uses a fictional prose style where he imagines about a situation that happens about with different lifestyles of people. He theoretically explains about a young woman who goes through hardships to survive but later finds herself in a situation with a gentleman who helps her understand the essence of change in her life.Johnson uses facts about life to explain the capability that one has in making their life successful.

The context “white trash primer” by Lacy M. Johnson helps in helping the reader understand the essence of change in life. The young woman as described seems to be on the verge of losing hope in life but end up meeting a young lad who does not ask for anything from her like the rest who demanded sex from her for them to provide her with enough shopping to sustain her in life. She applies for a job almost six times before she gets employment with no knowledge of her parents. However, after she agrees to change, she ends up concentrating on her studies enabling her graduate with a diploma to the happiness of her parents and relatives.