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Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Today I would like to cover an interesting and informative theme namely the Uber Company analysis.

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There is no doubt that Uber has become a successful company that is known all over the world. The organization applies an innovational approach to the riding services. It managed to become a decent substitute of taxi services in 77 countries of the world (Uber 1, n.d.). The services of Uber are cheaper than the competitors offer. That is why the company applies cost leadership strategy. However, it is reached not with the decrease of the service quality, but with more effective system of providing them.

The Uber Company has managed to reach such success rapidly due to the number of competencies. First of all, the company offers high quality of service namely the Uber smart phone application, wire transfer payment option, tracking the vehicle on the way, and other additional beneficial services. Moreover, another competence is geographic wide spread of the company. The Uber car can be ordered in 616 cities worldwide (Uber 1, n.d.). It develops customers’ loyalty no matter where they travel. The last but not the least is security that is provided by the Uber Company.

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Analysing Uber from the resource-based view, it is important to emphasize that the technological innovation and IT developments are the key resources of the company. The technological software gives an opportunity to run the effective communication with the customers and the drivers of the company (Uber 2, n.d.). In addition, the human resources are critically important for the company because the Uber drivers represent the company in front of the customers and create corporate brand perception.

It is also important to emphasize the role of intellectual property of the company. The business concept was first applied by Uber is one of the most important intellectual property components. It needs to be protected by the intellectual property laws. In addition, the software and applications that are developed by Uber IT managers are also of primary importance for the company.

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The slide is showing the brief SWOT analysis of the Uber Company. The conclusion can be made that the company has numerous strengths that are beneficial for the company. The main of them are presence in more than 70 countries, wire payment system, comfortable mobile application, high level of security, vehicle tracking opportunity, high quality of delivered services, and fast vehicle arrival. The strengths helped the company to become the market leader so fast. There are also three weaknesses. All of them deal with the drivers and their considerable responsibility.

The main corporate opportunities deal with the entrance to the new geographic and product markets. In addition, the company should use technological innovations in order to remain competitive. The main threat of the company deals with the increasing competition because market followers try to copy the Uber business model. Moreover, the company is very dependent on the drivers’ performance and the software work. The company has to eliminate all the weaknesses and threats with the available opportunities and strengths. The SWOT analysis is rather informative and beneficial because it gives the detailed knowledge about internal and external characteristics of the company.

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