My experience with people has been broad and well rooted. I decided to join and collaborate with the Girl scouts in my 1st Grade and for the last 12 years I have met and participated with people from different backgrounds an opportunity, which readily available to all girl scouts. The twelve years in Girls Scouts brought me different challenges that introduced me to different points of views from different people different from what I was introduced and nurtured through at school and at home. This helped me appreciate and recognize different people had different abilities and each person merit appreciation, and respect.
Initially when I joined Girl Scout, I was innocent and inexperienced but after working hard I achieved a bronze and silver Award, it is my hope that I will achieve the gold award highest achievement award in girl scouts. During this time of service, I learnt a lot about people. One being I found out that people were of different beliefs but also of different moral standards, different relationship ideology and abilities, and most importantly different outlook to life. Which caused what I believe was early understanding to how relationships worked and what to expect from different people in accordance to the standards, goals and beliefs they set for themselves.

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The biggest conflict however was to arise far later on when I decided to join Miami Beach rowing club 5 years ago. Immediately I realized that creating the balance between extracurricular activities and education was challenging. The problem was I had not yet managed to do as well academically, despite the fact that I was awarded the most valuable rower both novice and freshmen year by 8th and 9th grade. By my 11th year, I was a team captain throughout my novice and freshman year, as well as my senior year. To date I am an assistant coach and I have coached one of my rowers and helped them achieve the 1st place in Bayada Regatta in Philly.

Unfortunately, though I have put many hours in my education, so far I have not managed to reach the same heights as I have done with rowing and scouting. In order to solve the underlined conflict I have continuously engaged a private tutor and increased my study hours to achieve proper balance. With the biggest lesson that I have learnt being perfection is a journey that we must strive to, by learning from one another, in commitment to achieve our goals, to affect the lives of others positively.

My Goal is to become an asset to the society, Scouting and Rowing have helped me in ensuring I am disciplined, focused and well prepared in leadership skills. My desire to join university of Florida not only based on the fact that my parents and grandparents were students in the same University of Florida, but in my belief that University of Florida will help me educationally to reach the highest realms of serving the society. Through which, the gained education and skills learnt in my extracurricular activities I will be effective and will better not only my life but also the lives of others in the most impactful way.