I am very excited to begin post-secondary studies. I am applying for Biology and Management, as I have still not decided which to pursue. Both Biology and Management interest me, and while they may have different applications and job industries, they seem to have a lot in common. It is easy to see supply and demand are at work in natural environments, and the natural environment such as ecosystems are becoming more important to understanding business. They are both about natural cycles, and how you take advantage of those natural cycles while ensuring sustainability, whether it is an environmental process or a business.

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Both management and biology are topics that have a lot of relevance to everyone’s life. I also learn from my fellow students, and study groups are a great way to get to know your school and course materials. Everyone has a different point of view, and when you understand each of these points of view, you have a better understanding. I think it is important to understand everything in a very personal way, but to also understanding all of the personal ways that everyone else understands it. I think that this is a good way to pursue either Management or sciences such as Biology. Perhaps I can pursue both!

I am sure to be an active part of my new school community. I like to be active, particularly during events. Recently I was the scorekeeper for my school volleyball tournament. I have been involved in the Arabic club for 4 years, and I was part of organizing events and activities to raise funds for poor countries such as Syria and Lebanon. In my junior year I was on the Prom Committee to organize the prom for Seniors.

Community service is important to me, and in my family there is a tradition of importance in giving back. I regularly visit the orphanages with a group to teach English, I have also worked as an assistant in a hospital for a short period and I joined an organized trip to build houses in the Philippines.

My trip to the Philippines was shocking to me. Electricity, clean drinking water and heating were luxuries. What could I offer but just to play with the children? I had no greater desire in life that trip than to bring even more happiness to the residents of the village. This was a clear sign I had finally become an adult whose world didn’t revolve around only myself. I became passionate about improving the world. Helping with homes’ construction in the village bought me a great deal of joy, but I there is much more to do.

I hope to study in the United Kingdom in order to develop my cross-cultural skills and expand my community to include friends and classmates from around the world. I want to break out of my shell, learn more about myself and expand my worldview. I speak excellent English, and have even taught English to others. I am a strong student, and I think it would be a good experience and opportunity. It will also give me an opportunity to explore England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and France in my time off. Travel, like studying abroad, is important as it increases our ability to understand how cultural factors are at play. With our new globalized world this is very important.

It is early to say what I would like to do once I have completed my education, but I think it will have to do with the “new green economy” which reduced energy used and carbon footprints. I think this could be especially important in developing economies where if all residents were to immediately have access to western standards there would be issues immediately of pollution and energy. The developing world should have a better standard of life as well, and understand Biology and Management together would give me a strong foundation to do good work in this area.