The United Nations Security Council has come to the determination that the current situation in Erehwon is untenable. Beginning with the earthquake that occurred in mid-March, the country has progressively destabilized and is now in the middle of what can only be described as a civil war.
Islamic fundamentalist leader Sheikh Bukra Inshallah has begun an open revolt against the Erehwonese government, seizing three northern provinces, proclaiming his own Islamic republic, and declaring his intention to oust President Nemo’s government and take control of the entirety of Erehwon. Inshallah is threatening to launch a massive attack on Nemo’s forces on May 15 unless the government releases supporters of his from prison.

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Because of the earthquake and the civil war, many Erehwonese have fled the country and are now in neighboring Roop and Etomer as refugees. Their numbers will only increase if the war continues.
At the same time, Horatio Numquam, who had been leading an anti-government insurgency among the Bondad tribe, has announced that he seeks to join with Nemo’s forces in a government of national unity against the threat posed by Inshallah and his men. Nemo has yet to respond.

Nemo has responded to the crises by declaring a state of emergency and martial law, and has been jailing followers of the Sheikh. According to human rights experts, Nemo’s police have been resorting to torture techniques to get information out of the arrested.

There has also been an outbreak of disease in Erehwon, believed to be clientitis, which is threatening to become a pandemic. Human rights groups in Washington, along with supporters of Erehwon, have been pressuring the U.S. to take action to restore the country’s democracy.
Because of this, and based on the reports of special representative Col. Unpetit d’Unpetit, the Security Council has moved to take decisive action on the Erehwonese crisis.

We call on the United Nations to unequivocally condemn the actions of Sheikh Bukra Inshallah and his forces. We also refuse to recognize Inshallah’s Islamic republic as a legitimate government; President Nemo’s government remains the sole recognized authority of all parts of Erehwon.

While we express sympathy in President Nemo’s fight against Inshallah’s forces, we denounce his revocation of civil liberties and use of torture on suspected supporters of the Sheikh. We cannot countenance the destruction of democratic rights in the name of preserving government power.
We call on President Nemo to cease all hostile actions against the Bondad tribe and to ally with Horatio Numquam to form a government of national unity. Only through coming together can the Islamic republic be defeated and peace restored to Erehwon.

We call on President Nemo to end the use of torture on those in custody and to reverse bans on both the Utopia Party and Islamic Dawn. Any support for maintaining Nemo’s government is contingent on these requirements being met, with no exceptions.

We call on the formation of a military peacekeeping force for the purpose of assisting Nemo’s forces in ousting Inshallah’s Islamic republic from power. U.N. forces will be responsible for maintaining order in the country, combating Islamic militants, and protecting vulnerable minorities such as the Bondad tribe.

We call on the formation of an organized humanitarian effort to bring much needed supplies of food and other resources to refugees in neighboring countries displaced by the events in Erehwon. We also call on humanitarian efforts to be organized inside the country itself in order to bring relief to Erehwon’s suffering people.

We urge the United Nations and the Security Council to take swift and decisive action to help resolve the crisis in Erehwon before the situation gets worse.