American presidential campaigns adopt various campaign strategies. This is to make the various personalities of the candidates known to the people. These campaigns are there to make the various political campaigners to acquire political mileage through making their policies known to the people (Robert, 2010). These policies are the ones that make the citizens to support a certain candidate or political party or reject him.

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The most common strategies enable the candidates to reach out to the people. These strategies incorporate use of statistical analysis and strategies to get effective influence. This enhances the candidates to gain confidence. When the candidates get to the people, they are actively involved in stump speeches, advertising, theme songs and even negative campaigning against their opponents. These campaigns are mostly used to convince the people through a spoken word and presentation. Most of them are aired on mass media and so there increased chances of reaching out to the maximum number of people (Robert, 2010).

In the past, the campaign strategies have been used in different ways to win the masses. The most popular strategies have involved the use of issues as a campaigning platform. Some of the issues that have been used before in the campaigns include war, medical insurance, slavery, succession, state rights and corruption (Robert, 2010).

Obama campaign strategy involved various issues that assisted him to defeat Romney in the campaigns. The most conspicuous one is the use of the presidential debate. Obama had sufficient preparation for the debate by knowing the issues that Romney had failed to do in his career. He strategically attacked Romney on the important issues like medical care and this made him victorious. On the other hand, Lincoln established a very powerful campaign strategy by first identifying very strong campaign managers who advised him campaign debates. He then used the civil war as hi platform to march into victory in the elections (Robert, 2010).

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