Martha McSally’s puppies and Kelly Kutala’s Naked Truth campaign adverts are both good examples of well-designed adverts. In Martha McSally’s puppies advert, the targeted audience is the youth. This is why a puppy was used and usually the youths or the younger generation is the one that associate itself with pets. The advert also talks of availability of jobs. In most cases the people who are looking for jobs are the youth. On the other hand Kelly Kutala’s Naked Truth campaign advert, its target audience was the working class people. This is so because the images used in the advert are of elderly people. The policies she is advocating for are meant for helping elderly people. For example, removing of the Medicare guarantee, increasing of the minimum wage, proposing of a budget of $12 million in cuts, ensure the planned tax cuts doesn’t favour the affluent. This means the advert was directed to the working class of people and not the younger generation. They were both effective in persuading their respective audience.

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In Martha McSally’s puppies advert, I would have modified it so that I use the images of the youths and not the guy who she used in the advert. I will also introduce the puppy at the beginning of the advert and not the end. On the other hand in Kelly Kutala’s Naked Truth campaign adverts, I would have used it the way it was. It well organized and really eye catching.

I would have run both adverts on TV cause images has a huge impact to the viewers and most people will identify themselves with such adverts therefore, it would of positive impact to run them on TV than on any other platform. Since many people watch TV, that means there would have been a larger audience of the target group.