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Should Hunting Be Outlawed In Arizona?

In the state of Arizona today, hunting is viewed as a major activity to be done today with having many rules of law that are laid down to this effect. The existing bills that have been passed before including those that set out limitations that tend to bracket how, where...

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Finding Identity in “This is What it Means to say Phoenix, Arizona”

In his short story entitled “This is What it Means to say Phoenix, Arizona,” Sherman Alexie tells the story of two Native-American boys, Victor and Thomas Builds-a-Fire, who live on an Indian reservation and take a trip together to Phoenix in order to collect the assets of Victor’s recently-passed father....

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Boise, Idaho and Tempe, Arizona in Comparison

A nature lover would feel right at home living in Boise, Idaho. First of all, the views of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains would serve as an excellent backdrop for a great picture, and the Boise River winds through the city. Also, ski resorts are a short drive away. Boise is...

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Arizona Memorial

The recent site visit to see the Arizona Memorial was an engaging and educational experience from which I gained a lot. Throughout the visit there was much that caused me to rethink many aspects of the history that we had studied in seminar readings and discussions, as well as a...

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Why the U.S. Should Have Free College?

The urge for higher education has reached its top limit during the last couple of years. People have the desire to get a degree, but not every person can pay the tuition fee. That is why the demand for free college education has started across the U.S., clashing people with...

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