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Should Hunting Be Outlawed In Arizona?

In the state of Arizona today, hunting is viewed as a major activity to be done today with having many rules of law that are laid down to this effect. The existing bills that have been passed before including those that set out limitations that tend to bracket how, where...

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Finding Identity in “This is What it Means to say Phoenix, Arizona”

In his short story entitled “This is What it Means to say Phoenix, Arizona,” Sherman Alexie tells the story of two Native-American boys, Victor and Thomas Builds-a-Fire, who live on an Indian reservation and take a trip together to Phoenix in order to collect the assets of Victor’s recently-passed father....

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Boise, Idaho and Tempe, Arizona in Comparison

A nature lover would feel right at home living in Boise, Idaho. First of all, the views of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains would serve as an excellent backdrop for a great picture, and the Boise River winds through the city. Also, ski resorts are a short drive away. Boise is...

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Arizona Memorial

The recent site visit to see the Arizona Memorial was an engaging and educational experience from which I gained a lot. Throughout the visit there was much that caused me to rethink many aspects of the history that we had studied in seminar readings and discussions, as well as a...

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Why the U.S. Should Have Free College?

The urge for higher education has reached its top limit during the last couple of years. People have the desire to get a degree, but not every person can pay the tuition fee. That is why the demand for free college education has started across the U.S., clashing people with...

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American Nation

An American is an individual who is a citizen under the statutory or the constitutional category and confers complete membership in the American polity (Park, 2014). The definition of a person who qualifies to be called an American citizen has changed over the last decades. This is because of the...

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Identity & Heritage in Alice Walker’s “Everyday Use”

In Alice Walker’s short story “Everyday Use”, the characters Dee, Maggie and Mama go through transformations around the theme of identity and heritage. Maggie and Mama experience internal change, while Dee’s transformation is superficial and showy, disguised as intellectual enlightenment. The story serves as a commentary on African American heritage...

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“Oh Say Can You Sing”, by Sid Kuller and Ray Golden

The Federal Theatre Project was part of the Works Projects Administration under that began under President Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal plan. It was an program that, during the Depression of the 1930s, provided government funding to encourage plays. The Federal Theatre Project provided work for performers and allowed a low...

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A Distinct American Nation

America is upheld by many as the greatest nation on Earth. The reason that America tends to be upheld as a great nation is the political ideologies that it was founded upon. Yet pinpointing precisely when America became a distinct nation is difficult. In addressing this point, the following illustrates...

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Virginia Tops 2013 List of the Best States for Business

A Forbes online article by Kurt Badenhausen talks about the best U.S. states for businesses and informs the reader that Virginia took the top spot in the latest ranking . Last year’s top ranking state Utah fell down two spots to number 3 while Minnesota was the biggest gainer at...

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Bears Ears National Monument

The current administration's plans to reduce Bears Ears National Park, from 1.35 million acres to a measly 201,876 acres (Popovich 1) highlights another attack on not only environmentalist values, but the culture of Native Americans who have long faced similar repression at the hands of the federal government. President Obama...

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Progressive Era Essay

The first included source, which is titled “W.C.T.U. Blasts Drinking and Smoking, and Demands Power to Protect,” is an interesting one to consider in looking at how different groups wanted to change America around the turn of the century. The WCTU was a group that had some influence and wanted...

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The Fourth Amendment in the 21st Century

The problem of liberty and technology has been a pressing issue in the United States’ public life. While the Fourth Amendment formally protects U.S. citizens from unreasonable searches and seizures, the CIA scandals of the recent years, based on spying accusations, show that in reality the Fourth Amendment does not...

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Speech Analyses of Obama and Trump

Barrack Obama The goal of President Obama’s January 20, 2015 State of the Union Address is to unite Americans in the quest to move forward, despite the past fifteen years of living in the “shadow of a crisis.” Obama’s speech is directed at the average citizen, the Rebekah’s and Ben’s...

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The Role of the Brutal Training of Soldiers in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket

The first half of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket presents the hardcore instruction of soldiers at the Parris Island training camp. The brutal behavior of the drill sergeant Hartman is meant to transform boys into men and men into killing machines. When Private Pyle fails to successfully make the transformation,...

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Rhetorical Analysis: Letter from Birmingham Jail

In his well-known Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King defends the approach of nonviolent resistance to racism, responding to numerous accusations he was subject to. In particular, he responds to the critical attacks of the “Call for Unity” clergymen who deemed the actions of protesters to be unwise and...

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Muslim American Women on Campus

The discussion on “Muslim American Women on Campus,” explains that the book has numerous intentions which are geared at the different viewpoints and lifestyles of the various readers. For example, there are sections of the discussion related to how the Muslim Women can maintain their traditions and faith while also...

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My First Time In America

Millions and millions of Americans have either immigrated to the United States or had their ancestors do so. Those immigrants came for many reasons, such as escaping tyranny in their home country, to find a better financial future, or just to seek a better life. Many times, their first experience...

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Comparison of the 2000 and the 1974 versions of The Great Gasby

The 2000 A&E “The Great Gatsby” video is having a more ancient setting as compared to the 1974’s Copolla version. The video starts with the main actor taking a rest at a pool and being shot from a distance by a stranger whose view is not clear. Before the shooting...

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American vs. Chinese ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Poster

Movie posters make up a huge part of movie promotions. It gives the audience a foretaste of what the movie will actually be like and the positioning that the movie director/creator is promoting. Movie posters are full of signs and design theories to attract the audience’s attention, for example, hierarchy,...

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