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United States

Visions of America: Abstraction Paper

The great American modern artists of the early 20th century like Joseph Stella, Marsden Hartley, Max Weber, and Georgia O'Keeffe represented a basic departure from the then dominant Ashcan School of artists in New York City. From the social consciousness that animated the work of the Ashcan School, the American...

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Two Ways to Belong to America

Mukherjee in the context “Two ways to belong in America” uses mongrelization in a symbolism form to explain how the setting of the American society has changed the beliefs that she has grown up with from her home country India. The different cultural setting has made up her mind follow...

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Rural America: Its Brain Drain

After the Civil War, agriculture began to rise as the primary occupation of the day as farmers switched to machine farming from hand labor. More crops could be harvested in less time. The number of farms in the U.S. tripled from 2 million to 6 million between 1860 and 1910,...

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Thunder Heart (1992, Michael Apted, USA)

In as much as this is a fictional movie, it conveys important themes that are still currently in practice in the United States. The film begins by conveying the theme of distorted socialism. The U.S. government has succeeded in coming up with strategies to manipulate the citizens and make them...

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Class Action

Reading Class Action has reinforced for me the nature and prevalence of toxic masculinity in American society. Class Action relates the tales of women thrust into a male-dominated industry by necessity, then subjected to unrelenting and abusive harassment based solely on their gender. Lois Jensen’s attempts to get recourse by...

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