I know that Georgetown University is the best possible university to help me to achieve my goals, ambitions and dreams. I recognize this due to a number of reasons. After giving my choice of colleges and universities serious thought, as well as discussing the possible options with my parents, teachers and guidance counselors, I have come to the firm conclusion that Georgetown University is where I need to study.

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I know that the purpose of attending a college or university is to learn and to study. However, in the modern world, it is actually much more than that. A person needs to feed his entire self if he will grow into the best possible version of himself. Georgetown University appeals to this holistic aspect of a university career. A person cannot merely study books. A person must be engaged in debate, in social interaction and in physical activity. I know I can do all of these things at Georgetown University. Georgetown offers a wide range of sports and athletic facilities, including tennis courts, a swimming pool and a gym. There are clubs, such as the Politics Club, which I am quite eager to join. I believe that Georgetown University will care for my entire development, not merely my brain. I look forward to the opportunity to expand all parts of my growth in a positive and enriching environment, such as this fine institution.

I believe that Georgetown also offers the best location as well. I believe I will be able to better transition from staying at home to living independently. I want to be in close proximity to a larger city, where I can take advantage of the tremendous cultural opportunities it offers. I look forward to attending the theater, the museums, and also visiting our nation’s Capital Building. I believe the chance to watch democracy in action will be a privilege. There is also a tremendous potential for internships in these locations.

As a student of economics, this is also a tremendous area for learning. Obviously, economics is crucial to all governments. I believe I can learn about how economics influences government decisions while I am living in such close proximity to the nation’s government. I will also have the privilege of studying under some of the best and brightest minds in this field. . Faculty members include individuals who have held key positions in the government. These include the former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. Ambassador Jeanne Kirkpatrick is also a distinguished faculty member. The professors at the university are experts in economics, public policy, government intervention and international relations. I hope to benefit from the breadth of their knowledge and experience.

I also believe that Georgetown University will help to develop my critical thinking skills. They have rigorous courses in economics. I believe what distinguishes a good economist form a great economist is the ability of the later for critical thinking. All good economists can read and learn the policies, the different courses of actions, and the different economic terms. However, the economist who will make the difference is the one that will be able to use all these things he has learned to apply them correctly to everyday events. I believe Georgetown University’s top program can help me to learn how to become this type of economist.

Finally, Georgetown University attracts people from different parts of the world. The student develops an international and global perspective. Also, there is the study abroad program were more that 50 % of the students get to study in another country. I would relish the opportunity to study for a year in the School of Foreign Service in Qatar, one of the most fast growing economies and countries in general of the eastern world. I realize that this might be the only chance I have for this in life. I do not want to miss it.