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Women in Colleges

As Dubois & Dumenil write in their book Through Women's Eyes: An American History with Documents, the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries was the time when women started to play a leading role within the public landscape. They became ambitious, organized, and widely mobilized...

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Education System

Course requirements and majors have been inseparable elements of the education system in the United States that has worked rather successful for many years now. Removing them altogether from the system seems to be a more than radical step but what if it could be justified by the realities of...

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The Value of a Liberal Education

If recent years, the value of a liberal education has been called into question. A liberal education focuses on the arts and humanities, as well as the sciences and mathematics. The term “liberal arts education” has tragically been misconstrued in recent years. The term implies that one only learns the...

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Hospitality Management Turnover

Most undergraduate hospitality management students have experiential learning modules as part of their graduation requirement. How such experiential learning opportunities are perceived by hospitality management students and graduates is a critical component of understanding whether such requirements are beneficial to the student as a program graduate. At issue is whether...

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Reigning In Predatory Schools

Higher education is commonly assumed to be an investment on one’s individual future. Learning the specifics of a trade or profession and proving them with the knowledge to know how to meet the demands. There are many for profit colleges that are preying on individuals with useless credits that will...

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