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Women in Colleges

As Dubois & Dumenil write in their book Through Women's Eyes: An American History with Documents, the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries was the time when women started to play a leading role within the public landscape. They became ambitious, organized, and widely mobilized...

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Education System

Course requirements and majors have been inseparable elements of the education system in the United States that has worked rather successful for many years now. Removing them altogether from the system seems to be a more than radical step but what if it could be justified by the realities of...

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The Value of a Liberal Education

If recent years, the value of a liberal education has been called into question. A liberal education focuses on the arts and humanities, as well as the sciences and mathematics. The term “liberal arts education” has tragically been misconstrued in recent years. The term implies that one only learns the...

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Hospitality Management Turnover

Most undergraduate hospitality management students have experiential learning modules as part of their graduation requirement. How such experiential learning opportunities are perceived by hospitality management students and graduates is a critical component of understanding whether such requirements are beneficial to the student as a program graduate. At issue is whether...

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Reigning In Predatory Schools

Higher education is commonly assumed to be an investment on one’s individual future. Learning the specifics of a trade or profession and proving them with the knowledge to know how to meet the demands. There are many for profit colleges that are preying on individuals with useless credits that will...

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My Mentor Essay

When I came to North Carolina State University four years ago, I chose Chemical Engineering as my major with surprisingly little thought about it—I guess it just seemed to make the most sense to me at the time. Chemical Engineering, thankfully, turned out to be a good choice for me...

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Kusa Partners Scenario Planning

Kusa Partners, an international education-focused company, intends to acquire the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA). GIMPA is a government-owned type of a tertiary institution. Being that the company already has the capital, other factors being constant, the major factor that may impact their final decision is the...

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Southwestern University Case Study

It seems justified to assume that Hill Construction should not be late and finish the building on time. From the Christian perspective, it should be emphasized that Hill Construction might me to blame if the stadium is not completed on time. Hill Construction’s actions can be considered as lie, and...

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International Students Should be Allowed to Work Off-Campus in the U.S.A.

The main audience for my paper can be divided into two groups. Firstly, I want to address students that may not be familiar with the issue and tell them why it is important. Secondly, I want to address fellow international students and also tell them why this is an important...

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McDonaldnization Of Higher Education

McDonaldnization of higher education in the country and other parts of the world is not news today. The term ‘McDonaldnization’ of university education today is metaphoric. It symbolizes the unethical practices in the modern universities. George Ritzer uses the words McUniversity and McDonaldnization symbolic to indicate the malpractices and unethical...

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Improving Campus Safety

There are many ways to improve campus safety at universities. This paper will look into practical measures that have been successfully used on-campus in different American universities with the aim to improve various aspects of safety. One of the biggest priorities is to improve on-campus systems that will recognize, effectively...

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Student Affairs at SMU

The student affairs organization at SMU assists in addressing various concerns associated with concerns among the students. The organization of student affairs is strategically organized in order to assist in realizing the mission of the organization. The kind of representation that is reflected by the organization is very critical towards...

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MS Sport Management

I am from Qatar where sports has traditionally been considered boys’ activity. But despite being a female, I became interested in sports at an early age and would often compete with my brothers and male cousins. My interest was also due to watching international sports competitions such as basketball, soccer,...

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Duke University Graduate Admission

In the following admission essay, I would like to be precise about my motivation for pursuing a Master’s degree at Duke University. Below, I provide background information, which may be of value to the admissions committee. To begin with, I always had a passion for technology. In fact, I once...

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MHA and Graduate Certificates

The University of Phoenix offers a great many programs to its alumni, including the option for attaining graduate or undergraduate certificates, or continuing education through the attainment of a Master’s degree. A review of these different programs and certificates offers insight into the potential avenues of future study upon completion...

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Measurement of the MBA Experience

Since I was young, I have always admired individuals who manage large and successful organizations. However, besides not realizing the challenges that accompany such leadership roles, I did not understand the processes of attaining such abilities. When I was in high school, I decided that I would become a successful...

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The Need to Institute a Cap on Tuition

Student loan debt is a social and economic nightmare, having surpassed credit card debt Best & Best, 2015). By 2016, 70 percent of seniors graduate have a tuition loan debt with the average debt per graduate being $37,172 (Mitchell, 2016). Payment of such debt depends on the graduate finding a...

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Loyola Marymount University

I keep a close eye on the important local and global political, cultural and social issues. One of the social issues I am concerned about is the unusually high rate of gun violence in America as compared to other industrialized nations such as Scandinavian countries, U.K., Australia, Japan and Canada....

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“Boot Camp” at Trilogy University

Trilogy, an Austin, Texas-based company, runs and operates Trilogy University (TU) that is designed to turn the company’s new hires into highly productive employees. The boot camp, just like that of any other company, achieves two important goals, which are preparedness and bonding among the new recruits (Tichy, 2001). The...

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Using the University Library

Article Summary:The article I chose is entitled “Neighbourhood Disadvantage, Poor Social Conditions, and Cardiovascular Disease Incidence among African American Adults in the Jackson Heart Study” (Barber et al, 2016), and examines the impact of socioeconomic factors on the incidence of cardiovascular disease in African Americans. It provides the results of...

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