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Improving Campus Safety

There are many ways to improve campus safety at universities. This paper will look into practical measures that have been successfully used on-campus in different American universities with the aim to improve various aspects of safety. One of the biggest priorities is to improve on-campus systems that will recognize, effectively...

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Student Affairs at SMU

The student affairs organization at SMU assists in addressing various concerns associated with concerns among the students. The organization of student affairs is strategically organized in order to assist in realizing the mission of the organization. The kind of representation that is reflected by the organization is very critical towards...

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MS Sport Management

I am from Qatar where sports has traditionally been considered boys’ activity. But despite being a female, I became interested in sports at an early age and would often compete with my brothers and male cousins. My interest was also due to watching international sports competitions such as basketball, soccer,...

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Duke University Graduate Admission

In the following admission essay, I would like to be precise about my motivation for pursuing a Master’s degree at Duke University. Below, I provide background information, which may be of value to the admissions committee. To begin with, I always had a passion for technology. In fact, I once...

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MHA and Graduate Certificates

The University of Phoenix offers a great many programs to its alumni, including the option for attaining graduate or undergraduate certificates, or continuing education through the attainment of a Master’s degree. A review of these different programs and certificates offers insight into the potential avenues of future study upon completion...

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