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US economy

The Great Depression DBQ Essay

The recent financial crisis of 2007 was so severe that the U.S. economy still has not fully recovered from it after more than half a decade. It is not usually to read in print media or hear on the electronic media that there is still a long way to go...

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Welfare in North Carolina

As a social program, welfare is one of the most divisive political programs in recent history. Some individuals argue that the program provides crucial assistance to individuals who could not survive without the program. Others, however, believe that the programs represent a financial drain on the taxpayers by individuals who...

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Income Inequality in America

It seems likely that two factors go to the widespread lack of concern regarding income inequality in the U.S. The first is linked to actual awareness and relates to the media. More exactly, media today is so pervasive that any presentation it offers about how people live has an impact...

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Impact of Mexican Shoppers on Arizona’s Economy

In a Public Media Video, Arizona Week 12-20-2013, host Lorraine Rivera says that a study conducted by two University of Arizona professor claims that Mexican nationals who come to Arizona to shop spend one billion dollars every year in the State of Arizona. Lorraine Rivera goes on to interview Felipe...

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Competing Interests of the Dakota Pipeline

This very topical dispute demonstrates and epitomises the fraught and contentious circumstances which manifest when competing ecological, cultural and business interests collide; all expostulating valid intentions and purposes, and all able to cite and rely upon some degree of national or international law in support of their argument. The purpose...

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