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US economy

Income Inequality in the US

Economic inequality may be the most important domestic issue today. The earnings gap between the wealthy and the rest of us has expanded greatly for the past 30 years or so. A society becomes increasingly unstable as income disparity widens due to the many negative outcomes caused by financial distress....

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Current Economic State of the USA

An article in Focus Economics entitled “U.S. Economic Outlook” presents the data that compares the current status with the economic state of the last five years. Today, the USA is at the positive stage of economic development. Positive stage characterizes by the solid personal disposable income and household spending, buoyant...

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Increasing Government Spending to Fight Recessions

OverviewIncreasing government spending to fight recessions occurs through the fiscal policy. This is a policy that is passed by the government in regards to its revenue and expenditure to impact the economy (Butkiewicz & Yanikkaya, 2011). For example, the government can be able to increase its revenue by increasing the...

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Analysis Of The U.S Economy

The economy of the US has undergone tremendous changes over the years. The financial recession that took place in 2008 affected the global economy significantly. The economy of the US plunged to a new low, a phenomenon that had been long forgotten in the history of the United States since...

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The U.S.-Canada Free Trade Agreement and NAFTA

One of the more controversial acts of the United States in the late twentieth century, the passage of the U.S-Canada Free Trade Agreement (FTA) in 1988, and its antecessor, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1994, arguably changed the economic climate of all three nations involved for a...

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