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US economy

Inflation in the US Economy

Inflation is the general rate in which the prices of goods and services go up and the purchasing power of a given currency goes down. It is usually expressed as a percentage per year. To explain inflation further, an example is given. If an item costs $2.00 and the annual...

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U.S. Male Orientated Economy

Traditionally the United States has been a male orientated economy. The male power structure within the American society is reflected by the fact that there has never been a women president in charge of the nation. Hilary Clinton was the first female to run for president in 2016, but she...

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Foreign-Born Nurses in the US Labor Market

The paper draws its inspiration from the issue of nursing shortages that has been a major point of concern for the entire US health care system during the last 20-30 years. Schumacher explores one the implications of the policy of the importation of nurses from other countries: differences between foreign...

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Economics And The Federal Reserve

The federal reserve is the sole arbiter of monetary policy in the United States, with the US congress relinquishing that role to them with the passage of the Federal reserve act in 1913. The Federal Reserved is composed of a board of governors, who, in addition to the dozen Federal...

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Illegal Immigration’s Positive Effects on Economy

Migration produces economic impacts in the liberalized economy. In 2006, the global number of illegal immigrants was estimated at 200 million i.e. 3.3 % of the population (Maule, 2009). The number of illegals in Canada is unknown and could be up to 63,000 (Maule, 2009). The illegals are not equal...

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