The years 1962 to 1970 characterized by a depreciating environment and diminishing concern over conservation saw man arguably take the position of tress and wildlife in the endangered species category (Mintz, 5). The consequences of overpopulation and exponential industrialization eventually led to the then deplorable state of the environment. The damage of the environment deteriorated exponentially with time since measures to contain the problem comprehensively lacked in implementation.

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Most of the advocates addressing the problem at the time were environmentalists but unfortunately, they lacked a concrete backing from the government to remedy the environment problem. Politicians concerned with the alarming rate that environmentalists were gaining recognition in media attested to the effect that the problem could have to the republic stability by passing those of historical wars. President Nixon took note of the problem and through law passed by the congress the agency was formed on December 2, 1970 (Mintz, 10).

Michigan dairy cattle poisoning around 1970 led to the biggest chemical disaster in the United States considering that nine million residents without a clue consumed contaminated milk and meat for a whole year. The problem started when a chemical plant in Michigan accidentaly added a toxic chemical used as a fire retardant namely “polybrominated biphenyl” abbreviated as PPC in the dairy feeds and eventually circulated the farm feed throughout the state (Gupta, 743).

The Environmental Protection Agency responded to the problem by creating a community advisory group responsible for supervising the clean-up process. The group is also receives training about various aspects of the situation and the right procedures to follow (Egginton, 140). EAP has been a great contributor to the Michigan disaster response to this date where in 2012 the agency organized an aggregate $374 million clean-up of the site responsible for the pandemic.