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US healthcare

Essentials of Healthcare Systems: Talking medicine.

Waterfall that is an ancient form of system development life cycle (SDLC) brings few development changes. This is a major challenge which means that it is better off if waterfall is utilized for simple projects. SDLC has also played a big role in the modern computer digital development. This has...

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Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Health Care

As I watched Escape Fire I was struck by the enormity of the damage that exists in the American health care system. I felt like the section header “Good People, Bad System” could have applied to every aspect of the problem the documentary covered, where the good people are both...

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The Healthcare Environment

An environmental analyze is the process of identifying the internal and external elements that can impact or alter the performance of an organization. An environmental analyze helps an organization evaluate different opportunities and threats that exist for the organization. These threats and opportunities are then assessed and incorporated into the...

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President Trump’s policies on Immigration and the roll back of the Affordable Care Health Plan

In every nation state, it is often normal for the new administrations to come up with new polies or policy change in various critical sectors. This is evident in the contemporary events in the US whereby the Trump’s administration is putting into practice various pledges that were made during the...

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Latin America Health Care in North America

Although Latinos score better on certain health indicators, such as life expectancy, when compared to other minority groups in the US, they are faced with unique health issues that demonstrate poor access to quality care. Statistics show that Latinos have a higher life expectancy than other minority groups but are...

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