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US history

Davy Crockett

Books have been written and movies produced that tell about the legendary figure in America’s history named Davy Crockett. The reality of Crockett the man through such media has been obscured by legend-making which had been handed down, generation-to-generation. By now, Davy Crockett is more of a mythical figure, as...

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US History Chapter 12

While referring to the two most definitive Presidential powers in the US, it shall be mentioned that Article 2 of the US Constitution provides an explicit listing of presidential powers. Besides the Constitutional source, Chapter 12 provides an extensive historical overview into the three branches of government and their correlation...

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Inequility In The US

The debate on the growing inequality in the United States had its places in the past several decades. Both, political thinkers and involved actors would actively contribute to the debate, given its nature of the debate and the growing social inequality in the society in the US. The rhetoric presented...

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American Revolution

To understand the basis of our country’s ideals and values concerning liberty, it’s pivotal to recognize events that shaped it. In particular, the Enlightenment and Great Awakening largely contributed to the guiding principles of the American Revolution. These two events prompted America’s Revolution by instilling ideologies our forefathers’ founded our...

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US History Questions

The United States of America was not having a good time prior to sectionalism, secession, and then civil war. There was so many issues in place that Slavery alone was not enough of an issue to spark one of the bloodiest and violent civil wars that has ever taken place...

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