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Transitional Advocacy for Special Needs Individuals

Hillary Clinton wrote It Takes a Village [to Raise a Child] (Clinton, 1996). Those words are never more apropos than in the case of those with developmental delay and other special needs, whether physical or mental. In the recent article “The Role of Health Advocacy in Transitions from Pediatric to...

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Labor Unions and Their Role in American History

Labor unions are an important topic for anyone in the job market to understand. While union membership is at an all-time low in the United States, a portion of the employment force is still unionized. Furthermore, depending upon the state laws, employees may organize a labor union in a number...

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Maps for Westward Expansion

After carefully examining the map which showed the location for many of the main roads and canals during the early to mid-1800s in America, many of the main canals were located near main rivers and other types of bodies of water. There are several reasons for locating canals in this...

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Reading the American Past

An overarching theme of five primary sources in Chapter 20 of Johnson’s Reading the American Past volume is “Dissent, Depression, and War” in 1890-1900. Yet, the documents included in the chapter provide an insight not only in depression, war, and dissent, but also at the core values of the U.S....

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Indiana: the 19th state

When addressing Indiana, particular emphasis must be given to the fact that it incorporates three main physical regions such as The Great Lakes Plains, the Tipton Till Plain, and the Southern Hills and Lowland region. As many historians report, this state was destined to become America’s agricultural centre (Neal). In...

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