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US history

Mid-Century Nevada and Las Vegas

The legend that is Las Vegas was born of the decadence people chase, gambling, booze, prostitution, and occasionally entertainment. Organized crime pursued the profitable Las Vegas from the late 1920s with the arrival of Chicago mob boss Al Capone’s friend Frank Detra. He operated one of the first casinos on...

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Texas and Federalism

As the United States Government and the Constitution were established in 1776, they were formed under a federalism system. Federalism is the understanding that sovereignty between the central government and another political entity such as a state (Huq, 2014). The United States and Texas coexist in a federalism system. This...

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El Paso, Texas

El Paso, Texas, has a fascinating history that is filled with many unusual stories and events from a unique perspective. One of the most interesting aspects of El Paso is the fact that the city is situated on the borderline between the United States and Mexico. As the 2010 U.S....

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New York Past and Present

E.B. White’s Here is New York, written in 1949, describes the New York City of his era, but what is immediately striking about the work, despite being nearly 70 years old, is its currency. What White describes in the book is a New York that is not one of the...

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Progressive California

California was a large factor in the development of the Progressive Era, and the way in which it evolved with the nation. Progressives in California at the time were heavily involved in having more reform and regulatory policies on government. They were interested in pursuing equal rights and reforms for...

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