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US history

Motivation for establishment of California as a Pacific republic during the mid-19th century

In “Design for a Pacific Republic, 1843-62”, author Joseph Ellison concluded that remoteness and isolation were the root cause of four mid nineteenth century movements supporting California’s independence as a separate nation. I disagree with his conclusion and believe that the basis of California’s drive towards independence was founded upon...

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History of Boston

From historical perspective, people associate the brand of Boston with Irish America, and its glorious figures like Kennedy, Curley, O’Neill, Mary Anthony O'Connell and many others that had left their “footsteps of the Gael” in Boston (Stevens 32). Since 1634, Boston is one of the greenest cities in the United...

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The Compromise of 1850

The Compromise of 1850 includes five laws that the U.S. Congress passed in September 1850 to resolve the issue of slavery in the territory acquired during the Mexican war. The major factor that led to its passage was California’s request to enter the Union as a free state. The Compromise...

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A Summary View of the Rights of British America

It was during the 1774 summer when a 31-year old Thomas Jefferson fell ill on his way to attend a congressional meeting that he decided to draft a letter to the present members. After years of collaboration, Jefferson felt that the British Empire had begun to overstep their boundaries and...

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Comparison of the Colonies

When studying the history of the United States, it is important not to neglect pre-state era of the states. At those times, however, one could not speak of states. A term “colonies” is applied for references to the territories out of which the United States later emerged. In this essay...

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