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US history

The Wild Whiskey Rebellion

The Whiskey Rebellion was a protest again taxes devised by then U.S. treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton during the presidency of George Washington in 1791. The whiskey tax was the first tax, which was imposed on domestic product and was the first one to have been implemented by the first federal...

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Benjamin Franklin: Biography And Facts

The month of July 1726 marked Benjamin Franklin’s return to Philadelphia from England (Elliot 28). Immediately following his return, he began to work for Thomas Denham, the merchant who loaned him the money that he used to go home. He worked as a shopkeeper and a bookkeeper in the store....

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Early Settlements

The earliest settlements in the United States occurred at Jamestown, Virginia and Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts. The Virginia and New England settlements obviously had much in common; all of the people leaved their homelands to create a new world. All of the settlers struggled to survive in the wilderness with none...

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Public History

There are a lot of changes in perception of humanities these days. In this regards, public history allows to follow public demand for the successful projects in humanities. Thus, National Endowment for Humanities offers a wide range of projects that depict one’s attention to the ongoing trends in the environment...

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American Foreign Policy

Before the start of World War II, the United States had little on the international agenda. The country still had to deal with the aftershocks of the Great Depression. Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s image and talks on the radio were soothing for the population that had to go through a lot,...

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