Historically, the US has been known as ‘the melting pot of nations’, built by the people coming from all over the world and sharing the same culture. However, the recent trends indicate that such nation-building process based on the foundation of immigration is no longer always exemplary and successful.
Pros: While referring to the positive aspects of migration, the United States as a country can benefit from the fresh blood and new perspectives to building the things. Moreover, the international migration leads to the improvements of the economic welfare of the migrants and has a beneficial effect on the country of destination. Moreover, if the workers decide to return to their home countries, they come back with the possession of the advanced set of skills and are more valued on the job markets in their home countries (e.g. this example is particularly valid in the field of engineering) On the level of household, the economic income also increases and has the positive effects on the economy of the country of origin.

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Cons: At the same time, the international migration may result in some undesired effects such as psychological disorders of the migrants. Especially in the United States where the procedure of entering the country is very strict, migrants are very rarely reunited with their families.

Thus, the current immigration pattern in the United States leaves migrants at a greater exposure to the risks, abuse, exploitation and discrimination, as they frequently wish to accept lower paid jobs.