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How American Political Leaders Influenced the way Indians Lived

Political leaders inflicted change among the American Indians in various ways. Development of the transcontinental railroad facilitated the travel of new farmers to the west, stimulating the growth of agriculture, mining, and other businesses. Increased migration of people to the west led to a change in the pattern of activities...

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Carly Carries the Night

Whichever Republican candidate was understood as "winning" the second national debate held at the Reagan Library on September 16, 2015, the clear victor going in was CNN. Approximately 23 million viewers tuned in to the three-hour spectacle which witnessed ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina displaying a confident, poised persona...

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Constraining Campaign Funding in American Politics

Democracies in the world have adopted various mechanisms to advance and sustain their democratic processes. One of the elements is the incorporation of campaign processes to allow the people to elect their representatives in a manner that is deemed free, fair, and representative of the interests of the populace. In...

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Decentralization In Columbus City

Background Founded in 1812, Columbus is the capital of Ohio and its largest city. MSA the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area consists of several counties. Columbus is the US 15th largest city seating Franklin County. Recently the city annexed the areas of adjoining Fairfield County and Delaware County. The local economy...

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Thomas Jefferson: Genius of Liberty

Dr. James H. Billington and the Library of Congress published Thomas Jefferson: Genius of Liberty, and in it, these two book creators provided a good view of the man and the things that drove him. The book relies significantly on a host of documents, all of which can be found...

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Public Confidence Polling

Research and polling suggests that public confidence in Congress is currently at an all-time low. This polling cuts across partisan lines, as both Democrats and Republicans in Congress seem to be exposed to this low confidence. There are many reasons why this is the case. The most prominent reason, however,...

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First Amendment Tattoos

The First Amendment of the United States guarantees individuals the right to freedom of speech and expression, even if that speech or form of expression is unpopular, offensive or immoral. However, there is a point where certain speech is no longer protected under the First Amendment. If the speech constitutes...

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Choosing A Running Mate

Picking a running mate is one of the most important decisions a presidential candidate can make. The right decision can help garner more votes, while the wrong one can be costly. Originally, the vice president position was an elected one, in which the presidential candidate with the second most amount...

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A Tale of Two Parties: A Consequence of the American Electoral System

Political parties are the American Constitution’s unwanted offspring. The framers warned against the danger of factions but although they are not mentioned in the document, the constitution created powerful incentives for undertaking the activities that created and sustained parties. Because in any system in which collective choices are made by...

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Buy American Act

The Buy American Act was founded in 1933 to keep jobs in America. Studies have shown the pros and cons of The B.A.A. Advantages seem to be harder to find due too legal waivers, and pages of documents. One advantage found is it is supposed to decrease government spending. When...

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Three Branches of Government

In 1787, the United States Constitution was written to create three branches of government – judicial, legislative, and executive (Fontana 1409). The judicial power was vested in the Supreme Court, the legislative powers were vested with Congress, and the executive power was vested with the President of the United States...

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Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches

The war powers of Congress. The Congress is granted the ability to declare war, raise armies and navies, and organizing the armed forces of the United States, among other powers. These powers are granted by the U.S. Constitution, Article I, section 8, clauses 1 & 11-16. This power is granted...

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Judicial Branch Structure

The federal judicial body consists of institutions responsible for interpreting the meaning of laws, application of statutes to individual and organizational cases, and deciding whether the laws are violating the constitution. The federal judiciary consists of the supreme courts alongside other federal courts. According to McCloskey & Levinson (2016), the...

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Government Bureaucracy

Our federal government is comprised of three different branches as well as numerous administration and committees. The purpose of such entities in democratic governments like our own is to provide a system of checks and balances in order to ensure that no single entity has a disproportionate amount of authority...

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Checks and Balances

The United States of America has a government built upon from its constitution that is separated into three different branches. The three branches are known as the executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch. Each has different functions and powers within the government. The reason for that the government has...

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Broken Branch

The separation of powers, along with the two party system within the United States of America, were both created in order to make certain that all parties would function in the best interest of the people rather than to act in a manner that would hinder the future of the...

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3 Branches of the Federal Government

While the federal government shares some similarities with state government, there are critical differences to consider, too. In California, the legislative branch offers a picture of how these two levels are the same and different in myriad ways. One of the key similarities between the federal legislative branch and the...

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The 1776 and Influence Of Iroquois Confederacy on Structure of Us Government

According to several research based studies and reports, the Iroquois confederacy was one of the historical government systems which were formed in around early 1100 especially in North America (Iroquois Confederacy, 2015). The structure and organization of this government influenced the activities and practices of the government of the United...

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Federalism Essay

Federalism which is an important aspect of the U.S constitution is a system of government whereby power is divided between the central government and regional governments. It consists of the 50 recognized states and the national government and the 50 states. It can also be seen as a compromise between...

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Search and Seizure

Search and seizure rights are often infringed upon due to the uncertainty and overall ambiguous laws set in place for a person’s individual rights during a search and seizure process. Laws concerning search and seizure have never seemed to be able to catch up with the modern demand for the...

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