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US politics

Governor Wolf Budget Speech

Governor’s budget priorities Tom Wolf is a governor of Pennsylvania. The governor came up with a budget that is aimed at reducing deficit being seen and changing the lives of the residents. The governor has prioritized the following in the budget: Increasing investments in schools that have experienced cuts. This...

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How American Political Leaders Influenced the way Indians Lived

Political leaders inflicted change among the American Indians in various ways. Development of the transcontinental railroad facilitated the travel of new farmers to the west, stimulating the growth of agriculture, mining, and other businesses. Increased migration of people to the west led to a change in the pattern of activities...

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Carly Carries the Night

Whichever Republican candidate was understood as "winning" the second national debate held at the Reagan Library on September 16, 2015, the clear victor going in was CNN. Approximately 23 million viewers tuned in to the three-hour spectacle which witnessed ex-CEO of Hewlett Packard Carly Fiorina displaying a confident, poised persona...

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Constraining Campaign Funding in American Politics

Democracies in the world have adopted various mechanisms to advance and sustain their democratic processes. One of the elements is the incorporation of campaign processes to allow the people to elect their representatives in a manner that is deemed free, fair, and representative of the interests of the populace. In...

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Decentralization In Columbus City

Background Founded in 1812, Columbus is the capital of Ohio and its largest city. MSA the Columbus Metropolitan Statistical Area consists of several counties. Columbus is the US 15th largest city seating Franklin County. Recently the city annexed the areas of adjoining Fairfield County and Delaware County. The local economy...

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