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US politics

Thomas Jefferson: Genius of Liberty

Dr. James H. Billington and the Library of Congress published Thomas Jefferson: Genius of Liberty, and in it, these two book creators provided a good view of the man and the things that drove him. The book relies significantly on a host of documents, all of which can be found...

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Public Confidence Polling

Research and polling suggests that public confidence in Congress is currently at an all-time low. This polling cuts across partisan lines, as both Democrats and Republicans in Congress seem to be exposed to this low confidence. There are many reasons why this is the case. The most prominent reason, however,...

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First Amendment Tattoos

The First Amendment of the United States guarantees individuals the right to freedom of speech and expression, even if that speech or form of expression is unpopular, offensive or immoral. However, there is a point where certain speech is no longer protected under the First Amendment. If the speech constitutes...

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Choosing A Running Mate

Picking a running mate is one of the most important decisions a presidential candidate can make. The right decision can help garner more votes, while the wrong one can be costly. Originally, the vice president position was an elected one, in which the presidential candidate with the second most amount...

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A Tale of Two Parties: A Consequence of the American Electoral System

Political parties are the American Constitution’s unwanted offspring. The framers warned against the danger of factions but although they are not mentioned in the document, the constitution created powerful incentives for undertaking the activities that created and sustained parties. Because in any system in which collective choices are made by...

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