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US politics

The Dreamers: the DREAM Act

How did it happen that undocumented youth occupied the office of Arizona Senator John McCain in 2010, raising awareness of the potential of the DREAM Act, which would ensure that these youth were no longer criminalized for growing up and residing in the United States? This book provides a brief...

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Campaign for Texas Public Office

My name is [Name] and I running for the governor of Texan as a Republican Party candidate. As a Republican, I have observed some problems in the current administration and I believe my contribution as the governor will greatly help in dealing with some of these problems. I expect great...

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A Review Of “THE Trouble With Hillary Clinton’s Free Tuition Plan”

BackgroundKevin Carey’s “The Trouble with Hillary Clinton’s Free Tuition Plan” appeared in the New York Times on July 19, 2016. Carey’s writing on this subject is significant because he serves as the director or the Education Policy Program at the influential New America Think Tank. Carey’s writing is also worth...

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American Political Parties

Are parties an important part of American politics? Are they helpful? Are they detrimental? For long-term development in emerging democracies, political parties are extremely important. For many years these parties have been neglected by those working in developing worlds instead because of the lack of focus on civil society, and...

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Political Participation

“In recent years, …Americans have become more skeptical about their actual “say” in government, and many do not bother to vote” (Lowi, Ginsperg, Shepsle, & Ansolabehere 10). This stems not from a desire not to be involved in politics, but from the belief that the votes themselves do not matter....

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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