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US presidents

The Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln has long been considered one of the best presidents in American history. His legacy includes the abolishment of slavery and reuniting the country following the devastating impact of the Civil War, and his brilliant speeches and legislative victories were among the most notable features of his presidency. This...

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Andrew Jackson 20 Dollar Bill

Appearing on U.S. currency has always been a sign of one’s achievements and contribution to the well-being of the United States. Choosing a person whose presidency matches these requirements is thus an important social concern. However, together with some major changes in social context, including the changes in society’s values...

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Roosevelt And The New Deal

The New Deal is perhaps the most famous and maybe even the most influential body of political policies ever passed in the United States. A work fashioned under President Franklin Roosevelt, the New Deal was combined legislation and executive action. It was instituted in response to the Great Depression that...

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John F Kennedy Assassination Essay

The book, The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After, is a publication by Steven Gillon. The book is the author’s attempt to debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding the ascension of Lyndon B. Johnson’s rise to power after the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy. The president was assassinated in Dallas,...

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Ronald Reagan Essay

The great advantage to prior presidencies is how the leadership at the time may be understood through hindsight, and placed in perspective with others occupying the same, singular roles. In “the moment,” it is difficult to comprehend the actual leadership style of a president such as Reagan, and this reality...

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