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US presidents

The Presidency of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln has long been considered one of the best presidents in American history. His legacy includes the abolishment of slavery and reuniting the country following the devastating impact of the Civil War, and his brilliant speeches and legislative victories were among the most notable features of his presidency. This...

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Andrew Jackson 20 Dollar Bill

Appearing on U.S. currency has always been a sign of one’s achievements and contribution to the well-being of the United States. Choosing a person whose presidency matches these requirements is thus an important social concern. However, together with some major changes in social context, including the changes in society’s values...

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Roosevelt And The New Deal

The New Deal is perhaps the most famous and maybe even the most influential body of political policies ever passed in the United States. A work fashioned under President Franklin Roosevelt, the New Deal was combined legislation and executive action. It was instituted in response to the Great Depression that...

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John F Kennedy Assassination Essay

The book, The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After, is a publication by Steven Gillon. The book is the author’s attempt to debunk some of the misconceptions surrounding the ascension of Lyndon B. Johnson’s rise to power after the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy. The president was assassinated in Dallas,...

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Ronald Reagan Essay

The great advantage to prior presidencies is how the leadership at the time may be understood through hindsight, and placed in perspective with others occupying the same, singular roles. In “the moment,” it is difficult to comprehend the actual leadership style of a president such as Reagan, and this reality...

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The Challenger Speech Analysis

This speech by Ronald Reagan came about due to the explosion that occurred on the space shuttle the challenger killing famous astronauts. The blast event was witnessed by many people inclusive of school going children. Therefore, to handle the situation, the former president by then, Ronald Reagan responded to the...

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Speech Analyses of Obama and Trump

Barrack Obama The goal of President Obama’s January 20, 2015 State of the Union Address is to unite Americans in the quest to move forward, despite the past fifteen years of living in the “shadow of a crisis.” Obama’s speech is directed at the average citizen, the Rebekah’s and Ben’s...

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United States Campaigns

American presidential campaigns adopt various campaign strategies. This is to make the various personalities of the candidates known to the people. These campaigns are there to make the various political campaigners to acquire political mileage through making their policies known to the people (Robert, 2010). These policies are the ones...

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Lyndon Johnson and Civil Rights

President Lyndon B. Johnson became President of the United States upon the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were interested in moving the issue of civil rights forward. At this time in history, African-Americans were segregated from whites in society and were not treated equally....

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FDR and the Jews: A Review

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has been the subject of debate in many respects, especially his response to the Holocaust. Two distinct camps emerge in this debate, with one side of the opinion that the American President abandoned the Jewish people, while others commend him as the one responsible for preventing...

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JFK: The Smoking Gun: A Review

The purpose of this documentary show was to celebrate the 50th anniversary of John F. Kenndy's assassination and to propose that the Secret Service agent George Hickey accidentally fired the shot that killed JFK instead of hitting the would-be assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald (Vagnes 5). Overall, it is an interesting...

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Washington’s Farewell Address

George Washington ended his second presidency by giving a speech on the dangers of political parties. In his terms as president he thought he was a president for all the people. His duty to the people was to represent them well without any party affiliation. He truly believed that the...

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Course Objectives: Recognize the principles of The Presidency

A line item veto is a specific type of veto which allows a chief executive to veto certain parts of a bill passed by a legislative assembly in order to prevent those provisions from becoming law. This veto enables the chief executive to determine that certain parts of a bill...

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Analysis of George Bush’s Speech on the War on Terrorism – 2008

Introduction The speech that will be analyzed in this paper is George Bush’s Official speech on the War on terrorism, which was spoken to the Defense Department of the United States in 2008. It is particularly pertinent to the topic and nature of this paper as it demonstrates how a...

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The Watergate Scandal

As seen in the National Geographic video, the Watergate scandal involved a burglary and following cover-up that eventually forced President Nixon to resign. The scandal was the first time a President had ever resigned from the office, and shows how corruption can exist at even the highest levels of government....

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First Lady Michelle Obama and Former First Lady Laura Bush

Every first lady of America had a different style of doing things. Looking at the first lady Michelle Obama and former first lady Laura Bush, one will realize that their lives have a lot of similarities and differences. The similarities are brought about by the fact that they were both...

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Clinton v. Bush: No Doubt Left Behind

By almost any standard of comparison, the eight years during which William Jefferson Clinton served as President of the United States was a better time for most Americans than the eight years during which George W. Bush served in the same capacity. In fact, very few comparisons of the state...

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Will Trump’s Wall Prevent Smuggling?

One of the central promises of Trump’s election campaign was the promise to build the huge wall on the US-Mexican border. This wall was used as the major symbol of the tightening of the immigration policy. Upon winning the elections, Trump decided not to put off his promises indefinitely but...

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George W. Bush and the War on Terror

The president has declared war – not on any nation, but on terror itself. I am wary. His language is broad and aggressive. He has suggested that the United States will take action, not just toward the countries that terrorists come from, but also against any country that aids or...

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Where Are We Going? African-Americans in the Era of Trump

Where are we going? The answer to this question is simply: backwards. The direction of the United States of America, especially from the African-America point of view, is most broadly and easily understood through Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” This is a lovely sentiment, if one is...

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