Coming to the U.S. from Brazil for my high school education is the best decision I have ever made in my life. It has been three years since I arrived in the U.S. but it seems a lot longer than that, given my personal growth. The U.S. already feels like a home to me because living here has helped me develop immense confidence in my abilities and has also given me a better idea of my strengths and potential.
I plan to study business as an undergraduate student because we live in a world that is increasingly being shaped by the forces of globalization. The older business models have become outdated and even older business theories are losing their relevancy. What might have worked yesterday may not work tomorrow. Thus, it is my desire to learn about the latest trends in the business at both local and global scale. Studying business is also a great fit for me because I have been exposed to multiple cultures and speak multiple languages. My strong communication and cross-cultural skills will be an asset, particularly, if I end up working for a multi-national corporation. In fact, I will be starting my college academic career with already some work experiences under my belt. I have recently started a business that sells aquacultured corals to aquarium owners. It has been quite a learning because nothing comes close to learning by doing. Studying business may also be quite beneficial if I decide to take the entrepreneurial path and start my own company in the future, only on a bigger scale.

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As part of my college research, I also visited the college campuses to get an idea of the college life. The observations I made during my visit to (college name) convinced me (college name) is the best choice for me. I liked the fact that the instructors at the business school combine business theories with real world insights. In addition, the student diversity on campus also impressed me. I hope to learn more from my fellow students to further improve my cross-cultural and communication skills. Last but not least, I also like the university’s strategic location in (city name). There are numerous opportunities to experience arts & culture in their various forms. In addition, I can also rely on the local and global organizations to gain work experience that will help me in the job market upon graduation.

I believe I will be a valuable addition to the university’s community because of my characteristics such as strong work ethics and team work. In addition, I am also passionate about making difference in the local communities because America has been very good to me, and I want to give back to the community to help other people. I still remember I initially struggled in high school for about a year and a half due to my weak English language skills. Once I overcame the weaknesses in my English language skills, my academic performance got a huge boost. This experience later inspired me to start a book donation project that shipped books to the countries where English is not the first language. As a university student, I plan to investigate new ways to get involved in co-curricular and community welfare activities because I believe our society improves when we help each other grow.

I look forward to the next four years of my life at (college name). I am confident my in-class and outside-class learning experiences will surpass my expectations, and will not only prepare me well for the professional career, but also help me become a more productive member of the society.