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The Influenza Disease and the Human Control Response

Throughout recent recorded history the influenza disease has been responsible for numerous recurrent pandemic outbreaks. These disease outbreaks have claimed the lives of millions worldwide since the early 1900s. Thus, the significance of the influenza disease including; symptoms, transmissibility, and target population make the disease especially noteworthy for further study...

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Infection Control Policy

The aim of this essay is to provide a discussion on control of Ebola infection as a healthcare acquired infection (HAI), that is, if it is not handled well. This essay highlights the care when handling an Ebola patient (Infection Control Policy, 2010), the isolation requirements, sterilization requirements of the...

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West Nile Virus

West Nile virus (WNV) is most typically spread to people by the mosquito vector. Wearing insect repellents and protective clothing reduce the risk of being infected. There are no drug treatments or vaccinations that work against WNV infection. Thankfully, most people who become infected with WNV show no signs or...

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Should Children be Vaccinated?

The issue of childhood vaccines has become highly controversial over the past few years. Started by a fabricated study linking vaccination to autism, public anxiety and fear associated with vaccinating their children has led to raising number of parents choosing to opt out vaccination due to their religious and philosophical...

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Mmr And Asd – Are They Linked?

MMR is one of the most important vaccinations, intended to protect children and especially infants against the three historically infamous diseases – measles, mumps, rubella or German measles. The primary objective of this three-in-one vaccination is to protect children against these diseases at one go, without additional visits to the...

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