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In Favor of Vaccinations

According to Bridgeman (2007), the responsibilities of parents arise from the relationship with their child, and hence directs the consideration of their expertise. The more experience that parents have with medical illness and vaccination, the more likely a parent is to make sound choices based on medical evidence and scientific...

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Developing an Informed Perspective on the Flu Vaccine

Introduction Attention Getter: Do you enjoy coughing, sneezing, chills, and muscle aches? Of course not. Yet, these are only a few of the uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous effects of the flu. Motivation for listening: Influenza can strike anyone and at any time, and becomes increasingly dangerous to contract as...

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Modern populations have significantly benefited from the trials that were experienced in previous generations. These benefits are such a part of the daily activities that it is common practice to overlook the impacts. Benefits such as technological advancements are, to some extent, considered as the evolutions are highly covered in...

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Childhood Vaccinations

Traditionally, childhood vaccinations have been the most effective way to prevent a number of diseases that would otherwise pose grave risks to public health. In the United States, diseases such as polio and small pox have been eliminated due to vaccines and are a testament to advances in scientific medicine...

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How Vaccines Work

Vaccinations are a crucial aspect of infectious disease prevention. Prior to the invention of vaccinations, many individuals routinely died as a result of infectious diseases. The first vaccination was developed against smallpox, a disease that routinely plagued the world. It also killed approximately one third of the individuals who developed...

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