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Value of Life

Does Your Culture Have An Impact On Your Quality Of Life?

People in a multicultural society have different perspectives on a variety of issues, and these perspectives can be associated with their racial background. The white and black Americans are two of the most distinct groups in the American society and have held different beliefs about their identity, government policy, economic...

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Who You Were

Our life experiences are usually the best teacher. In addition, our lives often amaze us by teaching us valuable lessons in the most unexpected ways. When we think of education, we usually imagine formal academic institutions such as schools and colleges or important adults in our lives such as our...

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Narrative/Solution Focused Theories

The purpose of this paper is to self-disclose and react personally to narrative/solution focused theories. This includes discussing whether or not they have meaning and are relevant to me, and if they can be incorporated with my perspectives on living, learning, growing, and dying. Fundamental Narrative Theory Fundamental narrative theory...

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Meaning Of Life Essay

Song that best represents my philosophy of life is I’ll Be There For You by The Rembrandts. This song may be quite familiar to many people as it was the theme song of the popular comedy series Friends. I believe it is important to surround yourself with true friends in...

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Life After Death: Two Metaphysical Perspectives

With recent research suggesting that human beings are biologically wired to believe in the afterlife, it is no wonder that mankind has always sought to understand what happens when people die (University of Oxford, 2011). Is there another world where souls are judged on the basis of their actions and...

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The Problem of Evil Essay

The salience of the problem of evil in regards to theology and religious studies is explicit, in as much as the acknowledgment of the existence of evil seems to oppose the contrasting claim of the existence of God. This problem of theodicy is a traditional concern of theology as well...

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Comparison and Contrast of Islamic Worldview with Biblical Worldview

IntroductionReviewing the Islamic and Biblical worldview looks at the unifying aspect each provides for followers of the two religions. The following is an examination of how Islam and the Bible cognitively organize the meaning of life. As a practicing Muslim and Christian become more experienced in relating the guidance of...

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Existential / Person-Centered, Behavior

When something happens, do you blame on yourself, the world, or look for resolutions in the future? Existential theory focuses on accepting the fears to overcome them by looking ahead. Person-centered theory focuses on letting the person figures out a solution based on his or her individual ability. I prefer...

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Bouwsma on Descartes’s Evil Genius

O.K. Bouwsma intends to examine what he calls Descartes’s boast, namely that the latter is capable of falsely believing all manner of things, including the existence of physical objects, and (at least initially) elementary truths of arithmetic. Like his hero Wittgenstein, Bouwsma is not content to make a philosophical contribution....

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The Matrix and Free Will

“The Matrix” is one of the most important and influential science fiction films of the last twenty years. Upon its release, it was hailed as a great block-buster, alongside a serious philosophical enquiry into the nature of epistemology, free-will, human reliance on technology and the relationship between cyber-space and our...

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: An Overwhelming Issue to the Veteran Community

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the most common ailment of war veterans in the United States. PTSD occurs after an individual witnesses or experiences a traumatic events; these events typically threaten the individual’s life or personhood. A variety of people are diagnosed with PTSD, not just veterans, and specific...

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Human Suffering: In Hinduism and Judaism

Human suffering is more than just a religious concept. It is reality; it is inevitability. Human suffering can come in all forms and is present within the world of every kind. There is human suffering and the reasons for it are plentiful, explained by several different religions and their corresponding...

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What is the value of Socratic doubt or “knowledge of ignorance”? 

Socratic doubt, the knowledge that we know nothing, can help us become stronger and better people. The value of the Socratic doubt is that we are not living an unexamined life. For Socrates, ignorance is not bliss. He was a gadfly to ignorant society, constantly “stinging” people to examine what...

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