While working in the healthcare sector, I encounter more and more often that the importance of values in critical for ensuring proper organizational functioning. As listed in the book, healthcare employees are in charge of dealing with the constant multitasking that not only requires organizational management but also encourages the overall fulfillment of the tasks placed before a manager of a healthcare organization. Therefore, it is critical to be aware of the values and perceive them as a driving force for further actions in the organization. Among other aspects that shall be raised in the healthcare environment, principles play a critical role as well. In many ways, they define the direction which a healthcare community follows. Respectively, a better result in the more efficient performance would be achieved. In the settings when an organization clearly understands its values and aims, the ability to reach the goals becomes more and more effective.
Another aspect that could be improved for healthcare managements lays in values. To a large extend, values drive the moral aspect of an organization where care provision is one of the most long-lasting elements defining the performance. Without a personal conviction and dedication to values, a lot of goals would simply remain not achieved.

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Personally, I understand that developing goals, principles, and values is an important component of the process of the organizational performance in many respects, as it will improve the organizational performance much more significant. What is also important, that I am aware that without my dedication as a personal manager, I would be unable to achieve the benchmarks that I set for myself. In such a psychologically demanding environment as healthcare settings, understanding each and every little may be ultimately reflected in patients’ performance. That is why I value all of the above-mentioned elements in my work.