The need for transitional homes for veterans is a common issue in many areas. Veterans, due to their time in service, have higher rates of mental health issues, addiction, and associated physical disability. Each of these factors can affect the consistency of veteran employment, and subsequently, the permanence of their housing. Veterans currently suffer from an unacceptable rate of homelessness because of the issues associate with their time in the military. This presents the evidence for the need of a veteran-specific transitional housing unit that is prepared and ready to handle the issues associated with this population.
In order to fill the void of housing for veterans, we recommend the purchase of an out-of-use school building with the plans to convert it into a veteran transitional housing facility. The proposed facility will be classified under the organizational title of “Be All You Can Be, Inc.” The facility will be a 501c facility that covers costs by requiring 30% of the income of the veterans in attendance. Most of these veterans will have some sort of government payment, such as disability. With the standard rate of 30%, the veteran is allowed sufficient remaining income to sustain the cost of living while also saving money in order to arrange future housing.
The school building in question has thirty classrooms, which could each hold two veterans, allowing for a total of 60 residents. In order to acquire the building in question at a reasonable price, we will propose the overall benefit that the new veteran’s facility would generate. Also, playing off of the difficulty for a school to sell an old facility, we will suggest that a decrease in price be made in return for the building’s guaranteed purchase as it is in its current condition. As an additional motivation for the price decrease, upon sale, the facility will publish a print and online article acknowledging the generosity of the school system.
The transition housing facility, as described earlier, will contain a maximum of 60 residents at any one time. Due to the nature of the facility, minimal medical staff are required. It is recommended that three house supervisors be hired, covering the full 24-hour day. These supervisors will be responsible for maintaining order in the facility. Two registered nurses will be present on each shift, along with two unskilled technicians.
As is common in this type of facility, the residents are expected to be self-sufficient in regards to their activities of daily living. The residents will perform their own food preparation and purchase. Therefore, no kitchen staff will be required in this proposed facility. However, due to the reality of so many individuals living in the same residence, a single custodian will be hired for one eight-hour shift each day. The residents will be required to maintain the cleanliness of their own personal areas, while the custodian will manage communal areas.
In order to provide proper care for the needs of the veterans in residence, it will be arranged through Veteran’s Affairs organizations to provide a physician one day each week. This physician will be paid through Veteran’s Affairs as they would be compensated due to the veteran’s degree of disability. Also, it is recommended that multiple therapists/counselors be hired to work at the facility, allowing for coverage of 16 hours each day. These veterans require this service in order to combat the issues that resulted in their homelessness in the first place. The cost of counselors is justified as it will be presented as a measure to limit readmission.
Overall, this facility would provide needed housing for the homeless veteran population along with 20-30 jobs for the community. The benefit this facility would result in for the community is immeasurable.
“We have to make room for our veterans. We should take care of them because they’ve taken care of us. If we don’t, we don’t deserve the freedoms we have.” – John Boyd

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