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Health Insurance for Active Duty Service Members and Their Families

US military service members and veterans are eligible for several options regarding health insurance. The plans are available to active duty members and veterans that meet coverage requirements set by the Affordable Care Act. They involve the Veterans Healthcare Program, the VA Civilian Health and Management Program, the Spina Bifida...

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Veteran Transitional Home

The need for transitional homes for veterans is a common issue in many areas. Veterans, due to their time in service, have higher rates of mental health issues, addiction, and associated physical disability. Each of these factors can affect the consistency of veteran employment, and subsequently, the permanence of their...

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Specialty Courts; Veteran Courts

Specialty courts are court systems that focus on solving problems through mandated treatment and probation supervised by the court. They have been adopted by criminal justice specialists and policy-makers to handle specific behavioral crimes related to mental health and dependency on drugs to reduce high cases of indigenous offenders, avoid...

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PTSD in Veterans

The post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the serious psychological condition which is explored and investigated within both the empirical researches and the pop psychological articles. While the former is intended for professional use by the scientists and psychologists-practitioners in their work and research, the latter are developed mostly for the...

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The Role of the Brutal Training of Soldiers in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket

The first half of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket presents the hardcore instruction of soldiers at the Parris Island training camp. The brutal behavior of the drill sergeant Hartman is meant to transform boys into men and men into killing machines. When Private Pyle fails to successfully make the transformation,...

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