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Victorian Literature

New Historicism and Literature

It seems apparent that New Historicism is correct in its assumption that literary texts reflect the historicity of a given time or period in which the texts were written. With the exception of a few genres, such as science fiction and futuristic texts, most literary texts are connected to the...

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The Common Plight of Women in Victorian England: Their Abuse Exposed by Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens was a great social analyst and prolific author who boldly challenged the social norms in 19th century England. When he wrote his novel Hard Times published in 1854, he was especially critical of the commonly accepted psychological abuse of women in the newly industrialized British society. His character...

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Victorian Time Period

The selections “Porphyria's Lover” by Robert Browning and “Ah Are You Digging On My Grave” by Thomas Hardy demonstrates loss of social safety net during the Victorian Period. The speakers in both poems have a sense of social insecurity which influences their interactions with other people. The social insecurity would...

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Wuthering Heights Characters

Catherine’s emotions are as vivid and wild as her beauty. The theme of external looks and internal character is explored through Catherine’s emotional tantrums and the other characters who witness her tantrums. Catherine is intelligent, but she is also impetuous. Because Edgar loves Catherine, he has not seen her for...

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“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin

“Pride and Prejudice” by Jane Austin is, no doubt, one of the most illustrative books to reveal the truth about the society of the time, which is described in the book. And one of the most important features, which allow achieving the goal, is, certainly, the great manner of the...

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