Question 1
The Pre-Raphaelites was a brotherhood that was founded to express feelings in the form of poets, critics, paintings, and designs. Seven individuals who had different talents of expression came together to form the brotherhood. They were considered as revolutionaries because, in the 19th century, they managed to inspire the world with their work of painting, poems, and designs. In 1873, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, a member of the Brotherhood came up with a painting called “La Ghirlandata.” It was a painting of a woman playing music, and it inspired many individuals to express their talents, especially the female gender.

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Question 2
According to the Victorians, women were being treated as servants since they were tasked with domestic chores at all time. They were not allowed to engage in other activities carried out by men, and this was interpreted as an act of oppression. “The Christian Year” by John Keble is the example of a poem that relates to the views of the Victorians. According to this poem, all individuals should be treated equally without discrimination. There should be no activities which are meant for women only, which are the same thoughts of the Victorians.

Question 3
The Victorian view of nature was characterized by different struggles that people endure such as poverty. According to this aspect, social concerns were the significant characteristics of nature. While describing it, the Victorians used an unemotional language. The Romantics, on the other hand, were emotional. They were in full praise of nature and the great things it had to offer including love. Unlike the Victorians, the Romantics never mentioned any form of struggle in their definition of nature.

Question 4
The Industrial Revolution is defined as the era where people discovered the manufacturing process. It marked the transition from use of hands to produce different kinds of products to the use of machines which made work more comfortable and efficient. The Industrial Revolution began in Europe. Great Britain is believed to be the first nation to practice the manufacturing process. The desire for industrialization led to the emergence of this transition. Its regarded as a tremendous social change because it enabled countries in, for example, Europe to develop regarding trading activities and transportation.

Question 5
A moral tale refers to a form of writing which is meant to teach the audience behaviors which are accepted by the society. Such practices are regarded as moral and failure to observe them can lead to negative consequences. The “Goblin Market” is a children’s poem because it’s a fairy tale characterized by fantasy concepts which are meant to educate children. The setting of the poem is meant to make kids fantasize a world that does not exist. The moral of the “Goblin Market” is that people should work together to survive in a harsh environment. It’s a satisfying ending because it manages to bring people together. Rossetti’s ended that way to make up for her confusing lines within the poem.

Question 6
The presidential administration of John F. Kennedy was successful, and the president had the qualities of a strong leader. His administration did not fail, and it minimized the level of social concerns such as poverty. Due to these reasons, the administration of Kennedy is called “Camelot.” The Lady of Shallot can be likened to Barack Obama due to his positive ruling which was experienced during his period as the U.S. president.

Question 7
Through the mirror, the Lady of Shallot could see the true nature of the world. During this period, mirrors used to be simple and had a polished service. The reflection was not very clear, and as a result, the Lady of Shallot was only viewing a half-world. During the Tennyson’s time, the shadows that appeared in the mirror caused the Lady of Shallot to consider changing her life. However, her perception would change due to the advancements made in present mirrors which are clearer and contain fewer shadows.