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Vietnam War

The Quiet American Film

The popular conception of the Vietnam War is of a military conflict that occurred between American-supported forces in South Vietnam and the communist-supported North Vietnamese, lasting from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s. In fact, this conflict stretched back much further, to 1945, when the French military occupied and fought to...

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Essay On The Vietnam War

When Nixon entered the rush for the presidency, he promised that he would become the president who ended the Vietnam War. However, he was driven by the idea of achieving peace with honor. Even though, in theory, his approach seemed viable and effective, in real life, it faced several notable...

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Vietnam War Essay

The Vietnamizing the war is the term which is associated with the figure of the US president Richard Nixon. Vietnamizing the war is the withdrawal of the US troops from the theatre of war in Vietnam. Richard Nixon was a sort of forced to make this uneasy decision, and there...

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The Role of the Brutal Training of Soldiers in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket

The first half of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket presents the hardcore instruction of soldiers at the Parris Island training camp. The brutal behavior of the drill sergeant Hartman is meant to transform boys into men and men into killing machines. When Private Pyle fails to successfully make the transformation,...

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Change in the Policy of the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War was a conflict in which the United States attempted to defend South Vietnam from the communist forces of North Vietnam. The United States also needed to fight against the guerilla forces, called the Viet Cong, located in South Vietnam. The war created significant conflict within the United...

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Full Metal Jacket Review

Full Metal Jacket is a movie following the story of a group of young men in their training journey to become soldiers in the Vietnam War under the supervision of the hostile and cold General Hartman. Despite the film being set in Vietnam, the main purpose of the movie is...

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Questions on The Quiet American

1) The film “The Quiet American” has its immediate context in the war between communist Vietnamese forces and French colonial rulers. It is set in 1952 and therefore takes place in the final years of the conflict war, which is usually understood to have begun in 1946. Importantly, the film...

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Vietnam: A New History

The two readings encapsulate the difficulty facing Vietnam during the development of that nation. Vietnam went through upheaval, and like most countries torn by war, there was significant death and destruction. The high price paid for development and the dynasties that existed was the blood of the men who fought...

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The Beginning Of The Vietnam War

The United States became involved in the Vietnam War in the 1960s and early 1970s, starting out as a minor supporter of an independent South Vietnam resisting takeover by communist North Vietnam, to a full-fledged combatant in a major ground war. U.S. military involvement began with a small number of...

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Kyle Longley. Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam

The book in focus of this Essay is “Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam” by Snell Family Dean’S Distinguished Professor. His s also a professor of history at Arizona University. Prof. Longley obtained his B.A., degree at Angelo State University in the year 1987. He obtained his Master of...

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The Quiet American

For several centuries prior to World War II, the world was subject to colonization by European powers. Lead by the British, the French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and others laid claim to foreign countries and exploited their peoples and resources. Following the war, the global landscape began to change. Nationalist movements...

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Movie Review: Full Metal Jacket

The Movie Full Metal Jacket is ironically titled considering the term refers to the type of bullet the Marines use in their rifles when in combat. When taking the movie as a whole into consideration, there are two moral issues discussed in the film. The focus is the progression of...

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Vietnam and Modes of Thinking

As a nurse in an operating theatre, I find myself continually confronted with a possible conflict between the particularity of each situation and duty that I encounter and also the ways in which these situations should be understood in regard to a universal situation of engagement and duty that can...

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