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Scrapbook Report

The research analyzes cases of domestic and family violence from clippings and comments made in my scrapbook after collection of different local newspaper articles between August 29, 2016 and September 30, 2016. The aim of the material and data from the articles is to provide insight into the role and...

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Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever – Book Review

1) Please summarize the main ideas of the book. Killing Lincoln: The Shocking Assassination that Changed America Forever, written by Bill O’Reilly, provides strong insight into one of the most shocking assassinations in American history. While many Americans are familiar with Lincoln’s assassination, not as many are as familiar with...

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Boston Marathon Bombings

I will never forget stopping dead in my tracks on my daily run on the afternoon of April 15, 2013, to hear a local deejay break into music through my earbuds to announce that there had been an attack at the Boston Marathon. Here I was on my own run...

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Violent Video Games Should Be Banned

Violent video games have been a big controversial topic, in the early 2000s, in debating whether it is appropriate for people to regularly interact with violent video games(Wikipedia). Today, many people argue that playing violent video games can reduce crime in the real world and doesn’t affect the aggression of...

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Violent Video Games Cause Violence

The advancement of technology is playing a crucial role in the entertainment scene. Video game receives much fame, and their growth tends to be more practical in nature. The number of teenagers involved in this kind of entertainment has also grown tremendously. However, the games nowadays are designed in a...

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Violence in Morocco

In Morocco, just like in many other Arabic countries, where economy is changing rapidly, social and cultural aspects of life also tend to change. This causes alterations in social relations, particularly those between women and men. For hundreds of years Moroccan women existed in “domestic” and private spaces for religious...

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TV Violence

An article entitled “Early Exposure to TV Violence Predicts Aggression in Adulthood” talks about a longitudinal study that was conducted on 329 participants to determine if viewing violent television at a young age increases the chances that they will become aggressive adults. The children in the study came from various...

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Measuring Domestic Violence

Although many criminologists tend to overlook the measurement of crime, crime data is essential in evaluating the effectiveness of public policies. Sources of crime data include factors such as survey of victims, self-reports from offenders and police reports. One strategy used to measure crime is the Uniform Crime Report (UCR)....

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Intimate Partner Violence

Abstract Intimate partner violence (IPV) is a major issue in today’s society. However, it is preventable. Therefore, it is important to be aware of risk factors of IPV. It has been discovered that IPV happens to both men and women. Furthermore, it does not affect only heterosexual couples. Homosexual couples...

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Crack in Spanish Harlem

The article presents the issues of underground deals of vending crack. The author, Bourgois Philippe, starts with the motives compelling the sellers to embark on this type of business. A more substantial portion of the inner-city dwellers does not turn to this vice till after they encounter humiliating, low paying,...

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The Psychology of School Shooters

The American public is becoming increasingly concerned about school shootings, which are occurring at schools of all grade levels across the country. This issue has come to national attention beginning with the Columbine High School tragedy occurring in 1999. According to the website (2018), a total of 17 mass...

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Domestic Violence Essay

Domestic violence involves the use of control or actions that are hurtful in a dating or couple relationship. It is also referred to as ‘intimate partner violence.’ A batter or abuse involves the use of sexual or physical violence, threatening to take control by maximizing on the victims fear, and...

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Female Sex Offenders

National criminal justice statistics show that female sex offenders count for less than 10% of overall cases that come to the attention of authorities. Only 1% of arrests for forceable rape are of women and 6% for other sex offenses (Giguere & Bumby, 2007). Female Sex Offenders, 2007). However, while...

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Police Violence in the United States

Abstract In July, 2014 the death of Eric Garner, due to the use of a police chokehold technique, sparked major international concern. Only a month afterwards, in Ferguson, Missouri, the shooting of Michael Brown by an officer ignited riots and protest, and in November Tamir Rice of Cleveland was shot...

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Violence Against Women

Women are among the most vulnerable groups in any society. The societal perception of women as a weaker sex, cultural beliefs, poverty, sexism as well as racism is among the factors which facilitate violence against women. The major forms of violence against women include rape and women battering. Rape is...

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Modern Use of Non-Violence

Since the end of the two world wars, violence as such is strongly disrespected. Both, people and governments search for alternative policy methods that would not include any violence. Moreover, the primacy of human rights have become unquestionable. As an alternative, non-violent methods have been utilized since the end of...

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Lethal Violence

There are many different factors that are associated with lethal violence; some of the contributing factors toward lethal violence include the availability of weapons, use of drugs and alcohol, and escalation of violence (Assessing Lethal and Extremely Dangerous Behavior, 2013). The problem analysis triangle, or crime triangle, states that violence...

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Teen Dating Violence: NYC

Violence among teens who date in New York City presents a problem, if not an epidemic. The nature of the problem is secretive, as it is laden with shame and guilt, so it often goes unreported. Furthermore, men or women who suffer from violence in dating are threatened by the...

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Coping with Violence

Children unfortunately will be exposed to violent events and maybe even be the immediate victims of violence. In either case, it is critical for caregivers/educators to support the children’s ability to cope with, process, and overcome the event or experience. There are several approaches which can be employed to help...

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Florida Shooting

The number of mass shooting in schools is higher in America than other countries in the world. The recent event of mass shooting in a Florida high school claimed the lives of 17 people and has made the public question how such shootings can be prevented. In my opinion, I...

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