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The Psychology of School Shooters

The American public is becoming increasingly concerned about school shootings, which are occurring at schools of all grade levels across the country. This issue has come to national attention beginning with the Columbine High School tragedy occurring in 1999. According to the website (2018), a total of 17 mass...

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Domestic Violence Essay

Domestic violence involves the use of control or actions that are hurtful in a dating or couple relationship. It is also referred to as ‘intimate partner violence.’ A batter or abuse involves the use of sexual or physical violence, threatening to take control by maximizing on the victims fear, and...

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Female Sex Offenders

National criminal justice statistics show that female sex offenders count for less than 10% of overall cases that come to the attention of authorities. Only 1% of arrests for forceable rape are of women and 6% for other sex offenses (Giguere & Bumby, 2007). Female Sex Offenders, 2007). However, while...

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Police Violence in the United States

Abstract In July, 2014 the death of Eric Garner, due to the use of a police chokehold technique, sparked major international concern. Only a month afterwards, in Ferguson, Missouri, the shooting of Michael Brown by an officer ignited riots and protest, and in November Tamir Rice of Cleveland was shot...

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Violence Against Women

Women are among the most vulnerable groups in any society. The societal perception of women as a weaker sex, cultural beliefs, poverty, sexism as well as racism is among the factors which facilitate violence against women. The major forms of violence against women include rape and women battering. Rape is...

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