Dear Sir/Madam,
There was a time when it was too difficult for me to get along with a six-year-old child at Victoria Retirement Home in Victoria Beach. CA. The interaction was convoluted, as each of us had different interests, and holding a conversation on one topic was almost impossible as a little girl was frightened to see her grandma ill. I started having a conversation with that girl as if we were not in the Victoria Retirement Home. I wanted her to have the sense of being calm, without having to worry about anything else. In half an hour, the girl no longer felt frightened and behaved similarly to the children of her age

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One of the most important experiences which makes me a prepared candidate for the post was the completion of the six-week course for becoming a CNA Nursing Assistant for the State of California. I strongly believe that the obtained certification along with my desire to pursue my professional career in Nursing would make me a suitable candidate for volunteering at CHOC. Both, my desire to expand my expertise in nursing as well as my certification for becoming a nurse prepare me for a volunteering position.
3. First and foremost, I can bring my passion for becoming a pediatric nurse at Children’s Hospital after my high school graduation. The satisfaction equals the sense of the personal accomplishment as well as to my desire to help children. Once I see the children recovering from their diseases, I can sense my contribution to the difficult journey they’ve undertaken in the hospital. In addition to that, I can bring the sense of peace and comfort for everyone placed in the hospital, so that their condition could quickly improve in the Children’s Hospital.