Mr. Sam Walton established Wal-Mart in 1962 as a multinational retailer corporation consisting of numerous department and warehouse stores. The humongous size of the corporation has acclaimed it to be responsible for providing the greatest number of privately employed workers estimated to reach two million and is ranked amongst the biggest corporations in the world. Catering to the structure of a corporation of this size requires a top-level management structure formidable enough to ensure that all constituents of the organization run smoothly.

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Wal-Mart incorporates a divisional organizational structure at the top level to ensure equitable distribution of resources and independence in functionality of the workforce. Wal-Mart Corporation constitutes thirty-five Wal-Mart regions and six Sam’s Club regions. The divisional president and senior vice president reside in the Head Office whose responsibility is supervising activities of their delegated region. Stores are distributed in various districts in a division (Executive Management, 2013). Each division arguably consists of eleven districts with each district consisting of about eight stores. District managers are allocated in each store located in a specific district. The district mangers reside in their respective district designations. For Sam’s Club chain stores, district managers are referred to as Directors of Operation but ideally serve the same purpose.

The District manager works together with the Regional Personnel Managers who in turn are responsible for the selection of store managers and ensuring that workers policies do not subject to violation in the stores (Executive Management, 2013). The Regional Personnel Managers confer with District Managers on a weekly basis and present reports on the activities of the store. The stores use a basic hierarchical structure in delegation of management with the top position held by a Department manager and the bottom level consisting of cashiers and stockers.