My name is ABC and I am from XYZ. When I decided to pursue my MBA at Walden University , I had a specific set of limited number of goals and expectations. Basically I hoped that Walden will provide me a quality formal education and enable me to earn my MBA credentials that should significantly enhance my career prospects. There is a famous saying that life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans, and this is how my academic career at Walden turned out to be.

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I confess I got great education from the professors with long academic and corporate careers but formal education was just one component of the overall learning equation. I was humbled by the knowledge and insights of my classmates who not only helped me better understand the business landscape at local and global levels but also reminded me of the importance of being a responsible citizen of the society. I am also grateful to the industry leaders who shared their insights with us and reminded us that each generation of business leaders should invest in the education of the future business leader.

But most importantly, Walden has taught me that MBA was never meant to be the end of our educational journey. I rediscovered my love of learning at Walden and this might have been the greatest gift Walden has given to me. When I started my Walden journey, I just wanted to become a CEO one day. Now that I am graduating, I want to become an agent of change even if it involves helping one person realize his true potential.

I realize MBA is a demanding program and time is even more valuable for an MBA student due to the amount and challenging nature of workload. I will maintain daily and weekly schedules to manage time efficiently and make sure I have taken care of more important things like studies before I can allocate time resources to other activities.